Glossier Haul & First Impressions, Volume 3

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Pink Glossier pouches, how I have missed you! Needing to stock up on a skincare must-have, I made a Glossier order during their exciting 'friendsofglossier' sale, giving us all twenty percent off. Because I haven't posted a Glossier haul since their London store was open pre-pandemic, I decided to go all out and get a few of their best-selling makeup products to try.

The first item of my order was a repurchase of their 'milky oil' waterproof makeup remover. I shared my first impressions of this in my haul last year, but the fact I had to get a second bottle is enough proof that this is a great product. I use this on a daily basis to remove eye makeup and brow product - a little goes a long way, and I'd estimate that pandemic aside, a bottle probably lasts about a year which I think is great value for money. As someone with combination skin, the area around my eyebrows tends to get pretty dry which a lot of other makeup removers tend to agitate, whereas milky oil is so gentle that I have had no problem with it whatsoever, which is why I'm such a fan.

Time for the first impressions! Cloud Paint, Glossier's cream blush, is one of their most iconic products, with paint tube style packaging that is just the cutest. Despite not being a big blush person at all, I had been dying to try it because of its cult status, so compromised and went for the shade Dusk, which is described as a 'brownish nude' - not too pink for my already pink cheeks! I love how easy this is to apply; although I'd say it's more of a liquid, rather than cream formula. It's sheer and buildable which I really like as applying blush can be quite overwhelming if it's very pigmented! If you're a big blush fan, you have to try this, there's a multitude of shades that all look really pretty.

After an initial panic as I couldn't work out how to twist the product up and worried all I would have is a tiny amount of product, I was really excited to try the haloscope highlighter. I'm very sad Glossier discontinued their other highlighter, the NiteShine liquid highlight, as that remains my favourite Glossier product ever, but I can understand why it is Haloscope that is considered an iconic Glossier product. It's sleek packaging makes it super easy to use; just swipe on and blend in with a finger and you're away! I went for the lightest of the three, Moonstone, an 'opalescent glaze', and I love that it is very natural. 

Can you believe, as a huge lipstick fan, that I had never tried a Glossier lipstick?! I had to rectify this immediately, purchasing not one but both of their different formulas. Firstly, the original Generation G - a sheer matte formula. I am totally obsessed with the formula, it glides on, is buildable, doesn't feel like you have any product on and is very mask friendly - an important factor right now! I would describe the shade Leo as 'your lips but slightly browner' - I did expect it to be a bit darker, but am not disappointed at all as I know this is a shade I will get a ton of wear out of. 

The newest addition to the Glossier makeup family - Ultralip. A balm, gloss, lipstick hybrid - certainly an intriguing concept! The formula is the exact opposite to Generation G - in a good way, Glossier have really covered all bases with their lip collection! It's nourishing, very comfortable to wear - but would probably rub off onto your mask in mere minutes, so maybe save it for outdoor activities for now! The shade Trench is absolutely stunning, a 'toffee brown', very similar in tone to Leo - I was impressed with how much pigment it has, arguably more than the Gen Gs, as I never expected a balmy formula to have that much colour. 

What are your favourite makeup products from Glossier? If you haven't tried any before and fancy some of the products I have just shared (I recommend Milky Oil and Ultralip overall!), head here to get 10% off your first order. I've heard they are going to be releasing a very long-awaited bronzer this week, which I cannot wait to see!

EG x



  1. I would love to try Glossier products!

    Candice x

  2. I recently did a Glossier order and got the Cloud Paint in Dusk and I loooove it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Lovely haul! I havent tried any glossier before! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  4. Milky Oil is one of the cleansing oils and micellar waters that feel gentle on my eyes and don't burn! Great Haul! x
    minae ♡