How Lockdown Changed My Beauty Habits

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

It's been a little while, hasn't it? Recently I have taken a little step back from my blog for a couple of reasons: firstly, essay deadlines and constant teams meetings meant I barely want to look at my laptop once my uni work is done. Secondly, lockdown and being home all day has definitely limited my inspiration to write. It is of course difficult to write about what I get up to in London (the theatres, the museums) when there is literally nothing going on, but without popping into shops, seeing others and feeling inspired, it is even challenging to write about beauty. I hope many fellow bloggers can relate! We've been in lockdown, or at least some form of restrictions, for over a year now, and over that time I've definitely changed my habits when it comes to makeup purchasing and wearing. 

Wearing no foundation

One of the first major changes to my beauty routine during the last year has been wearing a far lighter base. I can't even remember the last time I wore foundation, maybe when I took my last theatre trip before lockdown last year to see Dear Evan Hansen?! It just isn't something I find myself reaching for these days, it feels like such an effort to apply. I'm also convinced that laptop webcams and Zoom calls don't make imperfections quite as obvious, so often even skip concealer when it's a day spent in front of the laptop! This has been a very freeing experience and I definitely can't see myself returning to a heavy base when things eventually return.

Using up what I have - purchasing less!

I'm really not a fan of online makeup shopping - not being able to feel the product, see the quality of the packaging or check it will match with my skintone properly just isn't for me. So while the shops have been closed for a majority of the past year, I have been 'shopping my stash' and discovering some new favourites of what I already own. I spoke about this in my project pan post in January; I'm really trying to use up products in my collection before going out and buying new items, because there's plenty to go through!

Wearing less lipstick

This is a pretty obvious one - as someone who loves lipstick, initially wearing a mask infuriated me, but now I've got used to the fact that most of my lipsticks are just going to be sitting there and looking pretty for the immediate future. I still wear lipstick from time to time because I love the shades (and also see point above, I'm trying to use up a few things!) but I have actually found myself reaching for a lip balm far more. Leaving my lips bare makes them dry, so lip balm has been a good alternative, especially as a clear one leaves no mark on my mask! I really thought after I left high school my time of applying lip balm daily was over, but I have rekindled my love - although the Maybelline Baby Lips I was obsessed with have stayed in the past! My favourite lip balm today is the Fresh beauty lip treatment - it's so easy to apply and perfect to pop in a handbag.

Mastering an at-home nail routine 

Many of us have had to adapt to at-home routines while the salons have been closed, and one of my favourites has been learning how to paint gel nails. I recently wrote about my routine using Le Mini Macaron products, and it has definitely been a positive skill to learn - it saves money, is so much more convenient even when salons do re-open, and is fun!

More time for skincare

Over the past year, something I have spent far more time doing is learning about what skincare products work best for me and adding some additional steps into my routine. For example, before lockdown I had never really used a facemask, but now I am a huge fan of the clay ones that you pop on for a few minutes! It doesn't even take that much time out of your day, but is so relaxing and perfect to eventually add to our lives when they become busy again for a few minutes of de-stressing.

Have you experienced any similar changes to your beauty routine over the past year? I would love to hear!

EG x


  1. Definitely with you on wearing less lipstick! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

    1. Sadly that's the way it has to be right now! X

  2. Working on my skincare more has definitely been a perk of lockdown! I feel like I finally have a good solid routine x

    Lauren |

    1. Definitely, having time to master that has been so beneficial! x

  3. My makeup routine has also changed a lot! Most days I don't wear foundation, and when I do it's a super light product!

    Molly xx

    1. Same! Such a huge change from before but it's so good that our skin is finally having the chance to breathe! x

  4. Yes! I've purchased way less makeup too!
    XOXO, Kate //