Goodbye 2020

Thursday, December 31, 2020

I know, I know, when 2021 begins the world won't magically get back to normal, but I am more excited than any other year to say goodbye to 2020, as I imagine a lot of you are too. I round up what I have done every year in a blog post on the 31st December, but having read back through my previous ones, this year definitely feels different. I feel like there's a 'before' section, the first two and a half months of the year, and an 'after' section, everything since I left uni in March and lockdown was announced. Since then, all the exciting things I normally put into these posts - trips away, theatre visits, fun things with friends - have been taken away. 

Despite the fact that I would characterise 2020 with one word; 'dull', looking back I can think of a few things that have really shaped the year for me, or make me happy to look back on.

In 2020 I have...

Seen two amazing West End musicals (pre-lockdown)

I started my year off in January by seeing Hamilton, which was a truly amazing experience. As the year has gone on I have got more and more obsessed with the soundtrack - Wait For It has to be my favourite. When it finally comes back (hopefully May next year, if all goes well), I urge you to go and see it - yes, it will be worth it! Similarly, I went to see Dear Evan Hansen days before theatres closed for lockdown. It blows my mind that I saw one of the last performances of it this year without realising. 

Been to two incredible concerts at Manchester Arena

In a total contrast to the rest of the year, my February was characterised by coming up to see two concerts in Manchester - The Script and The 1975. The Script, as always, were amazing; I will go and see them again and again! But seeing The 1975 for the first time, in the best seats I have ever had in the arena, was possibly the highlight of my whole year. I watch videos from it back all the time and can't even believe it happened! The atmosphere was electric and I feel so lucky to have seen them live. 

Had several things cancelled and postponed (2021 will be my year, fingers crossed!)

2020 has truly been a year of cancellations. I may have had no concrete plans for holidays booked, but I had a few West End shows cancelled, including Hairspray and Les Mis, had my McFly concert postponed not once, but twice and had FriendsFest postponed to the following year. This is a little mention for all the things that could have happened, including all the things that weren't yet booked, if 2020 hadn't been the 2020 we knew.

Read a TON of books

Re-reading my 'Hello 2020' goals for this year, I said that one of my goals was to read more books, but commented that my goal of twelve may be a little ambitious. Well, I definitely underestimated myself (and perhaps didn't predict a pandemic would give me so much time) and ended up tripling my goal with 36 books! To say that I never really made time to read for pleasure until this year, I am really proud of it and want to keep it up - maybe not to the same extreme, but still!

Listened to a lot of The 1975 & Taylor Swift

I said the exact same line last year - despite the craziness of 2020, some things never change! Taylor has had not one, but two albums out this year so her music has definitely lifted my spirits. I was listening to The 1975 a lot around the time of their concert and soon after, their latest album Notes on a Conditional Form was released.

My Top Listened To Artists of 2020: 

(5 out of the 6 artists are the exact same as last year! I have written less music posts this year, but I think this is because I listen to the same artists on repeat...)

My Top 5 Songs of 2020:

1. Tonight Is The Night - McFly
2. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) - The 1975 (my most listened to track!)
3. Gold Rush - Taylor Swift
4. Wait For It - Hamilton soundtrack
5. The 1 - Taylor Swift

Been to a 'socially distanced' musical

In September everything seemed to be getting back to normal (how naive we were) and I managed to get another show in, although it was different to what I was used to. Sleepless at Wembley's Troubadour Theatre was a great show and the cast were sensational. But what I couldn't stop talking about was having a row all to myself - a change I could get used to. 

Found two new favourite TV shows - Gilmore Girls & Derry Girls

Like reading, I've had even more time for Netflix this year, and both Derry Girls and Gilmore Girls have found firm places in my heart this year. They are two very heartwarming, uplifting and hilarious shows and have helped get me through that everlasting lockdown period in the middle of the year. I watched a few other shows this year that I loved, including The Morning Show and Trying on Apple TV, and This Is Us on Amazon Prime that I am about halfway through so far.

Explored Covent Garden 

When I finally came back to London in September, I was really excited to be living a stone's throw away from Covent Garden. I have adored getting to know this gorgeous area of London and can't wait to do so even more next year - praying that everything reopens again very soon!

What have you done this year? I would love to hear what got you through the madness that was 2020!

EG x

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  1. What a lovely post, it's always nice to have a look back at the positives especially in a year like 2020. A socially distanced musical sounds great, I can't imagine going to the theatre and having a row to myself! I hope you have an amazing 2021 xx

    Hannah |

  2. When this is all over, I'm desperate to see Hamilton live. I've watched it multiple times throughout lockdown(s)!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I'm glad you were still able to do a few things in between lockdowns. I was meant to go to a concert in June but obviously that couldn't happen so it's been postponed to 2021 - whether this still goes ahead we won't know! x