Best Boots Beauty Gift Sets | Christmas 2020

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

This year, more than ever, I am so excited for Christmas - I think it's the feeling of really needing some joy and festivity in our lives! It might be only October, but it's starting to get closer and closer. So today I will be rounding up my favourite beauty gift sets on offer at Boots this year. Boots have really upped their game this year in the beauty world, with a ton of new brands to choose from, so from affordable treats to luxury gifts, there's something for every occasion and recipient.

The Classics

This year you can still find all the classic Boots Christmas brands - the ones that always have a huge shelf dedicated to them. Soap and Glory is one of my favourites of these, because their sets are always great value, especially if you know someone who has never tried them out before. For only £10, five mini bestsellers and a tin to keep them all in is a steal, as is this makeup set - the mascara is worth that much on its own!

I remember when Jack Wills Christmas sets first came to Boots, years ago when almost my entire wardrobe was from there, and still today I think they are great sets. This beanie hat and body lotion is perfect for winter time, as is this mug set which even comes with hot chocolate and marshmallows! For essential beauty at any age, this Ted Baker set is perfect.

With the mass of hand sanitiser we're currently using, a hand cream set is an ideal gift. This one from Joules is super cute, including a cream and a gentle exfoliator. I also love their foot care set including some very cosy fluffy socks - is it just me, or is one of the best things to get at Christmas fluffy socks?!


I always love the nail polish sets at Christmas because they always include the most exciting golden sparkly shades! This Nails Inc set includes a pink, a berry and a neutral which basically provides you with the perfect shades for any occasion! This No.7 set includes 5 really pretty shades too - tried and tested, No.7's nail polishes are great. I do however find it a little ironic that both these nail sets have the word 'party' in the name, which are pretty much impossible with the new distancing rules! 

Luxury Beauty

MAC is now at Boots! That was probably one of the only good things to come out of 2020. Yes, I know, you can find these sets in MAC's own shops / every department store, but then you couldn't earn Boots points on it, could you?! I love their firework inspired sets this year, including a lip kit which comes in two shades, blush and berry, and a highlight and brush set to achieve the perfect glow. 

I also love Too Faced's Christmas range in Boots this year - their melted lipstick set is perfect for any lipstick fan, especially if they haven't tried a Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick yet, because here you get four shades to try and choose from - spoiler, they're one of the best lipsticks around. This mini-sized palette is also super cute and the warm golden tones scream Christmas festivity!

Benefit Cosmetics' range of sets are great value and perfect for every price bracket - starting at as little as £13.50 ranging to about the £50 mark. This 'badgal to the bone' set is £28.50 and includes two full sized products and one travel size, but I also love the three miniatures for £13.50. Considering one mini sized product retails at about £12, it's fair to say this is a very good deal.

I also have to rave about Pixi Beauty's Christmas products, including a glow tonic in festive packaging, and a set of three toners to try out. Glow tonic is one of my skincare essentials, and I first tried it at Christmas a couple of years ago. This is the perfect way of trying a new skincare brand if you're not too sure if you'll love it - although, trust me, you will!


Makeup brushes make a perfect gift for a beauty lover - it means they can finally get rid of those old grotty ones in time for the new year and replace them with some new ones, which, if you choose Real Techniques, will also be styled in Christmas sparkle. However, I also love Spectrum brushes' range this year, their brushes are great quality and the pale pink is so pretty.


Time to celebrate a couple more new brands included in the Christmas shop this year! Boots released their 'Glow' range a few months back and it has been packaged into some perfect sets for Christmas. I am also excited to see cult brand Frank Body this year, there's a few different scrub sets to choose from. Christmas sets are the perfect opportunity to try out a brand new brand!  

The Perfect Accessories 

Skinny Dip are a great brand for beauty accessories and their ranges in Boots this Christmas are gorgeous. This navy 'cloud and stars' makeup bag is absolutely dreamy, while the bamboo travel cup is an on-the-go essential.

Let me know what your favourite sets at Boots are this year - which brands are you most excited about?

EG x


  1. Gotta love the Boots Christmas gift sets - the Pixi one looks fab!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Can't believe its just a few weeks away till Christmas

  3. I am not a gift set kind of girl but I do love the sound of the more luxurious gift set such as the MAC (wait what...? MAC is now selling in Boots? why my local Boost don't have MAC collection just yet?!!!!) , Too Faced etc.

    1. Luxury gift sets are so often great value and perfect to try something new! I think MAC is mostly online at Boots right now, although it is starting to pop up in some big stores! x

  4. Boots has really upped their game with the introduction of MAC, NARS, Fenty etc! I love a flick through their gift guide! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

    1. They truly have! Oh it really makes for a good festive read, haha! x

  5. Nice selection! Whenever I make it the UK, I'll have to check out Boots!