The Only Lipsticks I've Been Using Lately

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Throughout this whole period of lockdown, I noticed that when wearing makeup, I've really only gravitated towards three lipsticks in my collection. I'm having a moment for bullet, rather than liquid, lipsticks; I'm definitely enjoying something much more hydrating and I know that is going to continue while masks are in full force. They're all very neutral shades, because there's definitely no occasion for a bolder lip right now, so perfect staples in any makeup collection.

Charlotte Tilbury - Very Victoria

Very Victoria has become a staple in my everyday makeup kit, and definitely the lipstick I reach for the most. The shade is just ever so slightly more pink than my own lip colour, so it's very neutral and matches with anything. The reason I love it so much has to be the formula - a lovely non-sticky, but hydrating and moisturising finish. It's from the 'Matte Revolution' range; I wouldn't say it's the most matte lipstick I own, but still it's definitely pigmented and long-lasting enough for me!

MAC - Velvet Teddy

I am almost embarrassed of my photos of my Velvet Teddy because it only has the tiniest stub left - yes, I definitely need a new one! MAC's classic matte lipstick has been one of my favourite lipsticks for years, and probably the only lipstick I will ever be rebuying. It's a lovely, flattering neutral shade, slightly brown toned. It's also very long-lasting and the perfect matte formula, without being drying at all. There are quite a few MAC lipsticks I love, Whirl, Taupe and Honey Love included, but Velvet Teddy is always the one I return to, and the only one I am finding myself constantly using right now.

Tarte - Colada

I bought my Tarte Color Splash lipstick in the shade Colada two years ago now, when I was in America and desperate to get my hands on at least one Tarte product, but somehow it never became one I really used until now. The shade has a gorgeous orange tone to it, which I'm loving this time of year because I weirdly think it makes me look slightly more tanned and glowing. It might be random to mention, but the lipstick itself is such a lovely shape, it makes it so easy that I can apply it without a mirror - don't know why that's handy, but maybe if you're on the go, you know?! It is a 'creamy matte' finish, so it has plenty of colour, but is also designed to hydrate, so it's a super comfortable lip option. I'm now dying for another shade!

What lip products are you loving right now?

EG x


  1. I haven't tried Very Victorica, the colour looks gorgeous. I'm loving CT's Between the sheets at the moment!

    Zoey |

    1. Ooh I need to try that one! Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are amazing x

  2. These are such gorgeous shades! I need to show Velvet Teddy more love! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  3. All of these are such pretty shades. I love the packaging for the Tarte lipstick, so pretty!

    1. It's such unique packaging and so pretty! x

  4. I love the Charlotte Tilbury matte lipsticks, they are so luxe and easy to wear!
    Grace xx

  5. Haha that titchy velvet teddy just goes to show how much you love it! I really like the sound of that Tarte lippie, the fact that it's creamy matte but has a hydrating formula sounds lovely.
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  6. Velvet Teddy is my go-to during the colder months as my everyday lipstick and then has to be pillow talk. Although I do really want to get Very Victoria in my collection! xx