The (Romantic) Comedy Movies to Watch on Netflix

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Lockdown has provided me with the perfect opportunity to work through the long list of films I want to watch. I have been watching plenty of comedies, particularly of the rom-com variety, because they are so easy to watch and enjoyable. Today I have compiled a list of fifteen of my favourites on Netflix that you need to watch, from old favourites of mine to recent discoveries.

Begin Again (2013)

Begin Again can be perfectly described as a musical comedy, starring Keira Knightley whose character Gretta's life is transformed when a struggling producer promises to launch her career. The New York setting is at the heart of the film as they record an album around the city and there are some really stunning locations chosen. I really enjoyed this one, there's so many themes explored but I especially loved the emphasis on friendship.

Long Shot (2019)

This one surprised me, because I was expecting a comedy, not a romantic comedy, but that doesn't mean I was disappointed! Played by Charlize Theron, Secretary of State Charlotte Field is about to embark on a presidential campaign when she employs childhood friend Fred, now a controversial journalist, as her speechwriter. Could the chaos that will ensue ruin her campaign?

La La Land (2016)

My all-time favourite film, La La Land is an absolute must-watch on Netflix. You might be like me, having watched it many times before and still cry at its ending, or maybe it has passed you by, in which case you have the perfect opportunity to give it a watch. As the title suggests, the film is set in Los Angeles about an aspiring actress and a struggling musician, considering which dreams to pursue in life.

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

You might be able to tell that I absolutely love films set in New York because I love oohing and ahhing at the panned shots of the city, and this one is no exception. Sandra Bullock is the overworked lawyer to Hugh Grant's millionaire businessman and as she decides to leave her job, they both realise how vital they are to each other. Definitely worth the watch for the gorgeous views while they take a helicopter ride over the city, if nothing else!

Murder Mystery (2019)

This comedy is actually so hilarious that it is even funnier than the idea of Jennifer Aniston starring in the same movie as David Walliams. Who would have thought? The movie title suggests the film is a 'murder mystery' and it certainly is, even though it definitely is a mystery with a difference because of the comedic factor. You will end up suspicious of everyone, even the main characters who are trying to solve the mystery, a New York cop (Adam Sandler) and his wife (Jennifer Aniston) who have no connection to the victim!

Just Go With It (2011)

Another one starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, in this rom-com a plastic surgeon recruits his assistant to pose as his ex-wife to cover up a lie he told his new girlfriend. The film has some real laugh out loud moments, and an amazing blackmail by a kid that ends up with them on holiday in gorgeous Hawaii. Just Go With It is a fun and easy watch that will have you rooting for the main characters by the end!

You've Got Mail (1998)

This classic has just been put on Netflix and you bet I watched it straight away, even if I have watched it many times before! You've Got Mail is one of my all time favourite films, centered around an independent children's bookshop owner in New York, and the owner of a huge book shop chain that is bound to put her out of business. It explores the differences between a relationship through the internet vs in reality which, while we no longer have dial-up (thankfully!), it is just as relevant today.

What If (2013)

A very underrated rom-com starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, What If is set in Canada. The two characters, Wallace and Chantry, meet at the wrong time of their lives, but still spark an instant friendship, leading many questions about if that will be all they will ever be. What If realistically explores the complexities of their relationship and really has you rooting for them. I watched this a couple of years ago but rewatching the trailer reminded me how much I had to include it.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Another absolute classic rom-com, this story explores the idea of if men and women can truly just be friends, and all the complications that come with it. It has so many great, humorous moments and has you rooting for the main characters. If nothing else, it's worth a watch for Meg Ryan's amazing 70s eyeshadow in the opening scene.

Did You Hear About The Morgans? (2009)

An easy watch starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, I almost don't want to say too much about this one because it has quite the plot twists! An estranged couple get transported out of their normal lives in New York to an area of America that you rarely see in a glamourous rom-com. It's full of hilarious surprises that make it a fun watch.

Carrie Pilby (2016)

Set in New York, Carrie Pilby is a nineteen year old who has an IQ way higher than the average person, but still needs to learn how to make friends and get a job. After her therapist sets her a list of things to achieve, Carrie embarks on a journey learning more about herself and those around her. This coming of age film is really fun and relatable and has such a gorgeous setting in the city.

Dumplin' (2018)

Another 'coming of age' movie starring Jennifer Aniston as an ex-beauty pageant queen, and her Dolly Parton loving daughter who doesn't fit the average beauty-queen mould. Dumplin' is a really easy watch with strong themes about friendship and self-love.

Clueless (1995)

Clueless is simply a classic! Sixteen year old Cher knows everything there is to know about fashion and makeovers, but while attempting to transform a new student, she realises there is still plenty about life to learn. There are so many quotable lines in the movie (Ugh... as if!) and so many hilarious scenes, I honestly don't think I'll ever stop laughing at the scene where Cher's best friend Dionne accidentally ends up on the freeway.

At the time of posting this, all these films can easily be found on Netflix so it couldn't be easier to give them a watch. What's your favourite film? I'd love some recommendations!

EG x


  1. Clueless is such an amazing film, one of my favourites! I am definitely going to add some more of these onto my list for Netflix!
    Grace xx

    1. It's such a classic! Hope you enjoy them! x

  2. I will definitely be giving some of these a watch - I love a good rom com!
    Amber |

  3. Wow I thought I would read this and have read most of them but I actually haven't! I need to get back on netflix and make my way through this list! Would also recommend someone great is such a feel good film!

    1. That is so great! I've tried to find a few that are a little underrated as well as the clasics! Thanks for the recommendation! x

  4. So many great films! I have been meaning to watch Murder Mystery for so long now, it sounds like such a good watch. Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah |

    1. You will love it! Thanks so much for reading x

  5. I've watched Murder Mystery a couple of times recently as it's a great film. I love Clueless! I haven't seen a of these, so I'll definitely be checking them out. Thank you for these recommendations!

    1. It's so great isn't it?! Awesome, thanks for reading! x

  6. When Harry Met Sally is such a firm favourite of mine, so cute and I love Meg Ryan! Some here that I haven't seen that I shall add to my list!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It's such a great film! Hope you enjoy them x

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