Sitcom Style Icons

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Here's two things I love: sitcoms, and fashion. It often surprises me how much the two actually overlap, and how often I get a little distracted when watching a show by their amazing outfits! Their wardrobe departments often pull out all the stops, and I've even been so inspired by some characters to even purchase similar pieces before. Here are a few of my sitcom style icons.

Eleanor Shellstrop - The Good Place

Whenever I watch The Good Place, it is unbelievable how often I find myself wanting the wardrobe of Kristen Bell's character Eleanor. I am obsessed with some of her smarter looks in the later seasons, featuring blazers and a gorgeous light blue suit - I love how she also casuals them up with trainers. I purchased this stripy, short-sleeved shirt pretty much because the one she can be spotted wearing in a couple of episodes, and I've also brought back out my old Adidas Stan Smiths that she wears very often. She even has a lovely collection of dresses, such as the black floral day-dress worn at the end of the season 1 finale. Such a style icon!

Shirt - New Look
Dress - New Look
Trainers - Adidas
Blazer - Warehouse

Rachel Green - Friends

Friends is full of amazing nineties style, and it's no wonder that Rachel, working in fashion and all, would become a style icon not just for me, but for many. It's hard to narrow down Rachel's best outfits because there are simply so many hits. The beige trousers Rachel wears in season 2 would easily fit right into any wardrobe right now, for maximum style and comfort. I absolutely love the black and white mini dress from season 1, and it's super easy to replicate, twenty-five years later! A Rachel Green statement piece has to be some dungarees, which you will find her wearing a ton in the early seasons, and I have to say that her short dungarees are just the cutest! 

Dungarees - Monki
Gingham Dress - Miss Selfridge
Gingham Skirt - Topshop
Beige Trousers - Gap

Monica Geller - Friends

You thought Rachel is the only style icon on Friends? Think again! Monica might not work in fashion like Rachel, but she often gives her a run for her money in the wardrobe department. My favourite thing about Monica's style will always be her use of denim, the straight leg jeans that we often see her wear throughout the show are a staple in my own wardrobe.

White shirt -
Ripped jeans (left) - Mango
Light jeans (right) - Topshop
Trainers - Converse

Gina Linetti & Amy Santiago - Brooklyn Nine Nine

Gina's brash personality means she's not my favourite of the B99 clan, but her fashion, particularly in the show's third season, almost makes up for it. I absolutely adore the long camel coat she wears that it was part of the reason I had to get my own. Brooklyn Nine Nine's character Amy is more often than not seen on duty in the precinct so we don't really get to see her have much fun with fashion, however at a 90s themed event in season 6, the orange tea dress she wears is so similar to much of our high street's dress section today.

Camel coat (above) - Monki
Camel coat (below) - New Look
Red turtleneck - Monki
Yellow dress - Miss Selfridge
Orange Dress - Boohoo (sold out - but I can't get over what a match it is!)

Erin Quinn - Derry Girls

Being set in the 90s, Derry Girls is full of nineties style and boy is it amazing. The main character, Erin's style is my favourite - I'm pretty sure she's the only character ever who could possibly pull off double denim. However, it's her red playsuit in the holiday episode that I love the most, especially paired with the denim jacket and little rounded sunglasses - I need this look in my life right now!

Playsuit - Abercrombie
Denim Jacket - New Look
Ribbed Top - Hollister
Jeans - Monki
Trainers - Converse

I would love to hear who you think the most stylish tv or movie characters are - perhaps I could do a part 2! Have any sitcom characters ever influenced your style?

EG x

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  1. This is such a cool post idea Erin, loved it! Rachel Green has such an iconic style and I am always so inspired by her fits on Friends. I also love Gossip Girl and the luxe style Blair wears on the show! I'd love to see a part two!
    Grace xx

  2. I love your styling posts! Everything you have and piece together is so versatile and would look great with so many combinations. This is such a cute way to take inspo from your favs!
    Amber |

  3. This is a great post! I love Rachel and Monica's style!