New T-shirt Additions

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

When shopping for new additions to my wardrobe, I aim to pick up items that I truly love and know will easily pass the 30 wear rule. Therefore, I find it fairly easy to walk past that gorgeous dress in the window, knowing that I will only have an opportunity to wear it once in a blue moon. But T-Shirts are the item of clothing I find myself wearing again and again, and love to purchase ones I know are going to last years and get plenty of wears. Here's a few that have entered my wardrobe lately.

Let's start with Topshop, one of my all-time favourite brands for T-Shirts. In truth, their quality and price is an unbeatable combination. I've picked up a couple of more basic ones from Topshop, starting with this washed charcoal grey t-shirt with the little zebra embroidered on it. I thought this was a really cute addition to a classic t-shirt. It has the perfect fit of not too long, but not too short that you can't tuck it in, so an all round winner.

I also picked up a Topshop 'Weekend' T-Shirt in dark green. I absolutely love the colour but only have more dressed up items in it, whereas this is much more casual. I love the oversized fit with the longer sleeve length, it's super easy to style with jeans for a comfortable look.

I have also recently been loving H&M and have picked up a couple of T-Shirts from there. Firstly, I absolutely love this 'Bright Future' embroidered t-shirt with the four leaf clover on it. Ironically I wore this on the day my uni announced its closure and the future didn't feel all that bright, but I like its hope and optimism - and you can never go wrong with a white t-shirt. I also love the colour of this pink t-shirt, with the embroidered 'love' on - I think you can guess that I love anything with embroidery on it, I think it adds such a cute touch.

I am loving the floral designs that are everywhere right now and added this to my collection in a couple of ways. If you have read my New Look edit, you may have noticed the black t-shirt with flowers on that I featured in it. Sadly it sold out not long after I bought it, however there's quite a few similar styles available. I also bought a floral print t-shirt from Miss Selfridge which has the softest material, it feels such good quality. I also love the colour of the flowers, it matches so well with my new Topshop jacket.

Additionally, a couple of months ago, while in Urban Outfitters I decided to treat myself to a t-shirt by Levi's. I'm not usually one for a slogan print but I love the pastel colours of the lettering. I think this would look amazing with a pair of mom jeans for a relaxed look.

I was a little bit disappointed that the T-Shirt I ordered from The 1975's shipping date has been pushed back so I can't feature it in this post! I was planning to get a T-shirt at their concert, but on the same day they released this one online and I really like it. It fits with that floral print theme that I am loving right now!


My t-shirt collection has definitely been well stocked and it will not be seeing any more additions for a good long time now! Up to this point, most of them were looking pretty worn so I'm really excited to have some new pieces in there for when I can properly wear them out. I'd love to hear if you've added anything exciting to your wardrobe lately! 

EG x

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  1. i love a good comfy t-shirt, and these are all so nice! i love the zebra one, it's very cute hehe, and also the white floral one is very pretty!
    ellie x //

  2. I definitely need to pick up some new t-shirts, and all the ones you've featured are stunning. I love the Zebra one, it's so cute and the colour is great xx

    Hannah |

  3. I love that zebra tshirt, it's so cute! I love cute tshirts xo

    Gemma | Makeup Muddle

  4. I love wearing t-shirts nowadays and can't wait to get another one! you look beautiful on those tees, love the flower one that look so beautiful!

    x, olivia

  5. all these tops look lovely. I love the one with the zebra and the floral one!


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