Dermalogica: Worth the Hype?

Saturday, May 02, 2020

I've been seeing Dermalogica's skincare products all over my Instagram feed over the past few months, and really wanted to give them a go. Back when my Vogue subscription renewed, the 'Meet Dermalogica' kit was its free gift, which is honestly insane because these products are worth more than the magazine subscription itself!

The set comes with Dermalogica's four best-selling products in miniature form, as an introduction to their brand. This is such a good idea, because it provides a great opportunity to trial the products before taking the plunge and purchasing full size products, especially because this isn't the cheapest skincare brand in the world. Perhaps suggested by its price point, Dermalogica is known for its no-fuss, high quality products, so I couldn't wait to see if they live up to the hype.


The first product in the set is the Daily Microfoliant, an exfoliating powder. Now, I had never used anything like this before so had nothing to compare it to, but that made me even more excited to try it out. The product works by sprinkling a little bit into your hands and adding water to create a paste, which I was really impressed by how quickly and easily it forms. Then, gently smooth this into dry areas of the skin to exfoliate before rinsing away.

The Daily Microfoliant is an absolute dream in combatting dry skin - I've already written about it in my six skincare saviours because of how much it impressed me. I tend to get dry skin around my eyebrows, and saw a real improvement after using this. I'm not sure I would use it everyday, perhaps a couple of times a week, but for someone with dry skin I imagine this would be a daily essential.


Dermalogica have literally named this product 'special', so they obviously think it's worth raving about themselves. Does it live up to its name? I am very happy to announce that it does.

I've tried a few cleansers over the past year or so and generally they all seem to do what they say on the tin, neither better than the other. I did expect Dermalogica's cleanser to be the same to be honest, I expected it to work, but not particularly stand out. How I was wrong! I absolutely love the 'gel' formula, a really unique element that makes it stand out against the competition. It feels so refreshing and is a real treat to use.


Following the cleanser, I've been using the Skin Smoothing Cream, Dermalogica's moisturiser to hydrate the skin. Unlike the cleanser, I haven't seen huge benefits of this compared to my other moisturisers, be it Simple or Pixi. I like its lightweight formula and it is really easy to blend into the skin, leaving a comfortable finish.


The name seems quite elusive, but power firm is Dermalogica's eye cream, packed with vitamins to combat aging. I expected this to be my least favourite product, simply because being nineteen, 'age smart' products don't particularly appeal to me. The texture is soft and lightweight and like the moisturiser, doesn't feel overly greasy after applying, instead blending in comfortably. This could definitely be worth checking out if you are looking for a product for combatting lines.


Having tried the miniature forms of the Dermalogica products, do I believe any to be worth the splurge? The Special Cleansing Gel is, in my opinion, worth purchasing in a full-size because it feels incredible and has impressed me more than any other cleansers. The gel formula just isn't something you see from every brand, and is really high quality.

I was impressed by the Daily Microfoliant, but even the miniature size I have is worth £13.50. I am glad, however, that it has introduced me to exfoliating powders, and might have to go on the look-out for a more inexpensive option to see how they compare. I've enjoyed using the smoothing cream, but not more than moisturisers I already have, so I'm not sure it would be worth the purchase.

Have you tried Dermalogica products? I would love to hear your thoughts, and any recommendations!

EG x


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  1. the microfoliant sounds really interesting! Dermalogica sounds like a great brand! x

  2. We used to use Dermalogica when I was training at beauty school and one of my favourite products was the pre cleanse, that has to be one of the best I think! I need to try the gel cleanser by the sounds of it though!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  3. I've never used Dermalogica before but I particuarly love the sound of the Daily Microfoliant. Such a unique concept and I think I'd get along with it as I have quite dry skin!
    Grace xx

  4. I've heard about Dermalogica for the longest time but never got into their products! As someone with dry skin as well, the Daily Microfoliant seems very appealing!

    Abi //

  5. I got the exfoliant in my advent calendar and I love it! But I haven't tried anything else from the brand, I love the sound of the cleanser though so I will definitely add that to my list of skincare products to try!

  6. Hi Erin, thank you for this review. I haven't tried Dermalogica yet and currently doing some research on this beauty label. So your article helps! Best,

    Semra |