Peach Perfect: The Too Faced Lipstick

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Too Faced's Melted Matte liquid lipsticks are some of one of my all time favourite products, but when I decided it was time for a new lipstick a few weeks ago, I ended up opting for a more recent addition to their peach collection.

The 'Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear lipstick' is basically everything it says on the tin - there's practically no need for a review because it's title explains exactly what it is! This is a lipstick that is as hydrating and moisturising as a cream lipstick, but as long lasting as a matte lipstick, with that flattering finish. This sounds like the perfect combination, right, hydrating and matte? It sort of sounds too good to be true!

But, somehow, Too Faced have managed to get the formula absolutely spot on with this one. I prefer matte lipsticks over a cream finish because of how long they last - I just don't have time to keep topping my lipstick up every couple of hours! However, this lipstick combines that longevity with a gorgeous moisturising feel. Upon applying, it almost feels like it shouldn't be matte, but it really is!

As an added bonus, because Too Faced really do go above and beyond, the peach scent of the lipstick is seriously TO DIE FOR. Having tried many of Too Faced's products, in the past I've been impressed by their chocolate scented bronzer, or gingerbread scented eyeshadows, but this scent has really taken it to the next level. I thought the bullet might smell a bit peachy at best; yet I can actually still smell the peach on my lips themselves hours after applying it.

Too Faced's added touches like this are what makes their products worth it. I mean, look at the logo and tiny peaches embossed into the lipstick itself! You truly are getting what you pay for with these lipsticks, down to the pretty yet very durable packaging.

The shade I ended up choosing is called 'Undercover Lover'. Too Faced have created a huge range of shades in this lipstick formula, from barely there nudes all the way to deep berries. Because I had never tried the Peach Kiss lipsticks before, I chose a classic rosy-brown to ensure I would be trying out one that I could get lots of use out of. I definitely chose the right shade, this is an everyday essential that I have been using non-stop the past couple of weeks. Now I know how much I love the formula, there is a few more shades I am dying to try out!

I genuinely believe that Too Faced are one of the very best brands for lipstick right now. They have really nailed it every time with me so far and there aren't many formulas I prefer, if any. I know for certain that they are definitely worth the price - usually about £19, which is pricier than some but I promise you, you'll end up using it a lot more!

I cannot recommend the Too Faced Peach Kiss range enough! They have really impressed me and the shade Undercover Lover has become a handbag essential. In the UK, you can find them in Selfridge's, Debenhams, and Boots (I recommend the latter if you're a student to get some discount!). 

Interested in more Too Faced products? Read about some of my other favourites here - I still use their bronzer EVERY single day!. What is your favourite lipstick right now?

EG x




  1. this looks and sounds like such a great lipstick. i definitely need to try Too Faced’s lipsticks. great post!

  2. I've always been intrigued by their peach line after getting their peach-infused highlighting, blush and bronzer palette as I was obsessed with that for soo long. Love the sound of this lipstick though, you've sold it to me haha!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  3. Ooh what a gorgeous lipstick. The packaging is so pretty, and Too Faced lip products are always amazing quality. I love the Peach collection xo

    Makeup Muddle