Glossier Impressions, Volume 2

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I recently made a second visit to Covent Garden's Glossier Pop-up shop - which, by the way, has extended its opening to the rest of 2020, hooray! I was very glad to read this news because was still many products I wanted to try. Like my first visit, I again limited my spending to two products; after all, I am a student on a budget! I opted for one skincare product and one item of makeup, both products that really caught my eye.

Milky Oil Makeup Remover

The first product I decided to pick up is their makeup remover, Milky Oil. While I had originally considered purchasing their much raved about cleanser, right now I am still really enjoying my cleanser from The Ordinary, so decided I would try Glossier's when that one runs out.

I ended up choosing the makeup remover because I often find it difficult effectively removing eye and brow makeup without it just smudging all over my face. But Milky Oil has changed the game; if it's one thing, it definitely is effective. By squeezing a tiny amount onto a cotton pad and holding it up against your eye, everything comes off straight away. A little goes a long way with this product so it's going to last a really long time. It is worth paying a bit more than something you could find in Superdrug because you would probably have to repurchase that several times before one of these runs out.

The only thing I must say is it does leave a little bit of an oily residue. I only use it on my eyes / brows, and follow it up with cleanser, so it doesn't bother me too much, but it is something to bear in mind if you have oily skin.

Nite Shine

Nite Shine is Glossier's liquid highlighter is a product from their 'Glossier Play' range, which I suppose could be best described as its slightly more fun and colourful range of products. Glossier describe them as 'dialled-up beauty extras', so basically non-essentials, but exciting products to have in your collection.

I am definitely very excited to own Nite Shine, which I got in its palest shade, Pale Pearl, a really pretty champagne tone. The bottle opens to reveal a little applicator which has been designed SO WELL, because it makes sure the perfect amount of highlighter ends up on your face - you don't end up wasting too much product, or accidently looking as shiny as a glitter ball.

It is super easy to blend and provides a really natural, long-lasting glow. I think it gives the effect that you have put way more effort into your makeup than you actually have, making my skin look like I'm wearing foundation even when I'm not. I used to love liquid highlight a few years ago but sort of fell out with it when Colourpop's supershock highlight entered my life, but now, thanks to Glossier, I have certainly rekindled my love. This has to be my favourite Glossier product I have tried yet as I have been using it almost daily and could not recommend it more.

The London pop-up is a must visit if you are ever in Covent Garden; I know I'll be back again soon because I still have a few products on my wishlist! What is your favourite Glossier product?

EG x



  1. the liquid highlighter sounds really good and it looks so pretty!

  2. I really like the sound of that milky oil cleanser, I never knew they bought these products out!!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  3. OMG how was the shop?! I really need to pop along and see it, but haven't found a spare moment!

    Katie |