ABH Soft Glam - The Perfect Palette

Monday, January 27, 2020

After falling in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills' cult favourite Modern Renaissance palette a year and a half ago, I simply had to try another one of their palettes, to see if this palette was a one off, or if ABH were really the true front-runners of the palette world.

Enter Soft Glam. While Modern Renaissance was inspired by shades from renaissance-era paintings, the earthy oranges and deep, warm reds, Soft Glam is its more subtle but sparkly sister. What I love about the collection of fourteen shades included in Soft Glam is their effortlessness. Simple neutrals that can be worn everyday, or glammed up for an exciting, shimmery look. 'Soft Glam' is, in fact, the perfect description.

When looking at the palette, to me the rose gold shades scream out, and have been what the majority of my looks have been based on when using it so far. Dusty Rose is a really pretty mauve-pink which I have been beginning lots of my looks with. I also really love the brown mattes Sienna and Rustic, one more warm toned, one cooler, for blending and deepening the eyeshadow. Mulberry has to be one of my favourite shades, a burgundy toned brown, SO pigmented and pretty.

I am also super obsessed with the shimmers in this palette. There's a few more than there was in the Modern Renaissance so this palette feels a little more perfect for evenings, events or when you feel like you need some extra sparkle. Rose Pink is my absolute favourite, a very pretty rose gold, perfect all over the lid and does not shy away on pigmentation. Glistening and Fairy are also super pretty golden-champagne tones.

The palette includes three shades that we have seen before in the Modern Renaissance - Tempera, Burnt Orange and Cyprus Umber. Now while obviously owning duplicates isn't ideal when they could have easily come up with three new shades, they are three classic mattes - a cream, an orange, and a dark brown that come in handy so I don't mind too much. I have left my Modern Renaissance at home while bringing Soft Glam to uni so it is nice to have them in this collection, especially because I use Burnt Orange ALL the time!

Like all of Anastasia Beverly Hills' other selection of palettes, it features the classic fuzzy velvet packaging. My Modern Renaissance has got very marked and faded by now so I'm not looking forward to it looking the same way, but it does make it more streamlined and lighter than typical palettes of this size.

The Soft Glam has all the basics you need for a classic eyeshadow look, and even more. It is perfect for someone who doesn't have a large makeup collection and wants the best essentials on the market, or if you're just after something that is super wearable and pretty. Every single shade in this palette have the perfect formula and quality. A welcome addition to my palette collection, one I would highly recommend!

EG x


  1. Do love a good ABH palette. This one is beautiful! I brought one for my friend and she adores it - lovely wearable shades xx
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Such a beautiful everyday palette, can't believe I don't own any ABH!

    Lucy | Forever September