Glossier London Pop-Up & First Impressions

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 Covent Garden, London, UK

Glossier's announcement of a London Pop-up store was simply a dream come true. I'm one for loving a good old swatch of products before I buy, and this gave me the opportunity to go along and explore Glossier's range.

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, at 13 Floral Street (there really couldn't be a more fitting street name for its location), the shop was everything I hoped and expected it would be, and more. Welcomed by lovely staff dressed in baby pink Glossier overalls, the shop consists of several rooms with plenty of areas to really try out the products. The carpet and wallpaper is decorated in classic Glossier floral prints in different colours, and at the back of the shop there's a London style roof-top chimney, a fun photo opportunity.

After spending a lot of time exploring the entire range, I had finally decided what I wanted. You place an order with one of the shop assistants who take your name and email for receipt, and then go over to the waiting area where they prepare your order. This was reasonably quick and they pop all your items in a little bubblewrap pouch to keep them safe, then a really pretty Glossier bag with your name on which of course I will be keeping forever because it is gorgeous.

All in all, I spent just under half an hour in there which is quite a while really! I was just so in awe of the place and how pretty it was.
Onto the products themselves! I decided to limit myself to just two items - very difficult, but I knew because it is open for a while that I can come back.

Mango Balm Dot Com

I simply had to try out one of their classic balm dot com lip balms, now didn't I? I actually don't use lip balms too much nowadays but that didn't mean I couldn't find space for this one in my life. There's a selection of different flavours which all smell lovely, but I went for the mango scent as I absolutely love mangos and fruity scents.

This lip balm has definitely made my lips feeling far better than ever before, which is especially essential in the winter months when I find they can get a bit dry! My only issue with it was at first it was really difficult to get out of the tube, and I was a little scared of loads of the product coming out everywhere! However, we had no issues and I am now safe to say this is a handbag essential.

Lid Star in Moon

I am a huge fan of the ease of a liquid eyeshadow and the whole range of shades Glossier offer in their lid stars are so pretty. I was totally torn between Moon, a champagne with a little bit of a blue iridescent shimmer, and Cub, a pretty rose gold, but I ended up opting for the former and I am really glad I did. It has a real brightening, eye-opening effect which lasts longer than I expected it to.

It's really easy to apply, popping a bit on your lid with the applicator and then blending with a finger works perfectly and matches really well with any other eyeshadows. I am really impressed and find myself reaching for it a lot - maybe I will have to pick up some more shades!

If you're in London over the next couple of months, you have to visit the pop-up! It's open until February 9th, I know for certain I will be taking another trip back before it closes! So, I would love to hear your Glossier recommendations of which product I should try out next!

EG x 




  1. I got the mango balm dotcom a few days ago and love it!! so excited to go to the pop up shop next time I’m in london, it looks gorgeous x

  2. Oooh, can't take it! Too much gorgeousness xxx -Jenni

  3. Oh my gosh they should definitely do some more pop up shops, I like you love to swatch and check things out in person. The shade you picked up is soo pretty
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  4. I absolutely love Glossier products, I must visit the pop up store before it goes!

    Lucy | Forever September