My London 'To Visit' List

Sunday, November 17, 2019 London, UK

Being at uni in London, it can become surprisingly easy to stay in my ‘uni bubble’ area, between my accommodation near Islington, down to Euston where UCL is located. I am trying to challenge myself to try a new ‘London’ thing each week, whether it be a new area, museum or show - here are a few places on my list!

Primrose Hill 

After visiting Notting Hill a few weeks ago, it only feels right that we visit another pretty area, Primrose Hill. Its park in particular is an area I would love to visit soon because its views of London look amazing. It also has some dreamy colourful houses - the street where the family live in the Paddington films is there! I imagine there are plenty of quaint cafes too. 

Leadenhall Market

The location of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter is such a gorgeous building I would love to visit. The architecture and cobbled pavement is so unique and picturesque, and I am sure it is brimming with lovely shops and cafes inside.

One New Change

This may look like a simple shopping centre from the outside, but it is its close proximity to St Paul’s Cathedral that makes me want to pay a visit. Its rooftop terrace has amazing views of the Cathedral and across London - a perfect photo opportunity!

Sloane Square

My friend has told me that Sloane Square is lovely to visit so I have made her promise we will go soon! It is full of pretty shops and houses and isn't far from the blogger favourite cafe, Peggy Porschen, which can you believe I have not visited yet! It is a blogger crime that definitely needs fixing, I must pay a visit!

National Portrait Gallery

As someone who loves to paint portraits myself, I almost equally love looking at portraits and the details that have gone into them. The National Portrait Gallery, located just off Trafalgar Square, is one of my must visits right now. It has free entry, which I am sure I will make good use of as I could probably spend a good few hours in there!

More Musicals!

My favourite thing about London so far has to have been how close I am to the West End, as I mentioned in my recent theatre round up. I would love to take some more trips to shows, and utilise the Today Tix app, where you can get rush tickets on the day for only £25 - such a good deal!

See a film at the BFI Imax

I really enjoy going to the cinema, and I am really excited by the fact I now live a ten minutes walk away from a Vue, but I would love to see a film on Britain's biggest cinema screen! It is located in the middle of a big roundabout in Waterloo, which you can only get to by going underground and I certainly think it would be an interesting experience!

Of course, I would love to visit some places I have visited already, such as Covent Garden and Harrods, which I am even more excited to visit on the run up to Christmas! Plus, Notting Hill was at the top of this list before I visited a few weeks ago! I would love some more suggestions too, because I have lots of exploring to do!

EG x




  1. London will forever be my favourite city but I can't believe I've never gone to Primrose Hill - its on my bucket list!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It is definitely on mine too! The views over London look stunning x