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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It has truly been a crazy time for me with new music releases. I have waited years for some of my favourite artists to come back, and then they have all suddenly come back at once! So today is quite possibly my favourite music post I have ever written, with all five of my favourite artists back at the exact same time!

McFly - The Lost Songs

After waiting years for McFly to make a return, I had practically given up hope - the announcement of them releasing music they released years ago as ‘the lost songs’ was certainly a shock to all fans like myself. The music certainly hasn’t disappointed me because it has that true McFly sound I have always loved, with favourites of mine being Hyperion and We Were Only Kids in particular. The songs were being released every Sunday the lead up to their O2 show on 20th November, the day I am publishing this post, so hopefully we will be getting some live footage of them too very very soon! I can’t wait to hear them all on tour next year in Manchester.

The Script - Sunsets & Full Moons

The Script generally release a new album every two years or so, therefore it was about now we were due another one - I cannot believe Freedom Child, their last album is already two years old! Their latest album, bringing their total to six, has been said to be very different from the previous album, making a return to the true ‘Script’ sound of the first two albums. I certainly agree that they have returned to their roots, bringing out a collection of songs with amazing lyrics. Something Unreal, the first track, is a song I can’t see myself ever getting bored of, it is such a catchy one to dance to. However, there is some more emotive tracks like Run Through Walls that are really reflective - an incredible release, for definite.

The 1975 - A Frail State Of Mind

While we have to wait until 2020 for The 1975’s next album, I have been really enjoying ‘A Frail State of Mind’, a single they have released prior to the album. It really feels like a combination of TOOTIME and How To Draw / Petrichor from the last album, in a good way! I absolutely love TOOTIME (my most listened to song last year) so it is a nice little sister of that song, a bit more of a chill version. Their new single has made me very excited for the album to be released, especially because I wasn’t completely sold on People, the first single from the album. Instead, they are definitely back to what they do best here!

Harry Styles - Lights Up

Lights Up has been a grower for me. Harry Styles releasing new music was of course, an incredibly exciting event, and all I could think was: ‘well, it's no Sign of The Times, really…’. One thing is for sure, it is different. I am not too keen on the autotuned sounds, but I am totally in love with the main chorus - the shine, step into the light part! It is hugely uplifting and motivational. His album Fine Line will be released before the end of the year so I look forward to finding out the direction he has taken it in.

Coldplay - Orphans, Arabesque and soon… Everyday Life

I thought I had hit the jackpot already with all those artists I have just mentioned releasing new music. Then, one Thursday evening, I finished my shift at work to see that my absolute favourite band, Coldplay, had released two new songs, and have a whole double album out very soon! Talk about excitement! Each of the singles is from a different side of the album; Orphans from Sunrise, Arabesque from Sunset.

Orphans is very much reminiscent of their music from A Head Full Of Dreams, which I cannot criticise at all, because I absolutely love that sound. It is really uplifting and joyful, definitely doing what they do best. Arabesque is completely different but yet still totally Coldplay, perhaps more similar to the sound of the Viva La Vida album. It is very experimental with some obvious jazz influences and a prominent saxophone riff. I absolutely adore the French bit too! Their new album release is certainly going to be a good one, if these two songs are anything to go by.

Niall Horan - Nice To Meet Ya

The final song I have been really enjoying currently is Niall Horan’s comeback single, Nice To Meet Ya. Perhaps what made me a little disappointed at Harry’s single was how much I love this, released the week before, I felt so disloyal! Nice To Meet Ya is so catchy and fun, a great return for Niall. I absolutely love the production of it. I enjoyed Niall’s earlier solo music, for example Slow Hands and This Town, but this is certainly my favourite song of his yet, such a fabulous tune.

It really feels crazy that all my favourite artists have returned at once, my bank account might not like it, but I certainly can’t complain! What are you listening to lately? 

EG x

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  1. When I first heard Frail State of Mind I really thought it was some sort of remix of TOOTIME - I can't wait for their new album!

    Lucy | Forever September