The Only Liquid Lipsticks You Need

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

As what I consider a 'lipstick collector' (here we are trying to justify how many I own), I have tried quite a few of the liquid lipstick variety from a range of brands. However, there are really only three brands' liquid lipsticks that I believe are worth the spend.

They are matte, incredibly long-lasting; when they do fade, they fade evenly. They aren't drying, you can't feel them on the lips, instead they settle nicely. Their shade ranges are incredible and the lighter shades aren't still really dark, and finally, they are super easy to apply. While as a rule, I prefer bullet lipsticks, these liquid ones are honestly my favourite lipsticks ever. They are everything I want out of a lipstick, so if you need a liquid lipstick - here's where to look.

Too Faced's Melted Mattes

I remember purchasing Too Faced's Melted Matte liquid lipstick in the nude shade Child Star a couple of years ago - it was an expensive product for me so I was really hoping it was going to be worth the price. Thank goodness it was everything I was hoping for - and even more! It quickly became my all time favourite lipstick. It is super flattering, complimenting any eye-look and long-lasting meaning it became my go-to for when I was going out for the day.

I had to purchase another shade from the collection which is another fave of mine, in the shade Sell Out. It's a more adventurous shade for me because it's very pink but again, it's very flattering so I get a lot of use out of it. I think it is so important for a bolder shade to last and fade evenly and that is exactly what you get with this lipstick - as I type this it's currently still on my lips after having it on for hours, through meals!

NARS' Powermatte Lip Pigments

This was a gamble of a purchase - I had an ASOS voucher and after a lot of research thought the NARS lip pigments looked super nice, especially in the shade Get It On. However, I had never swatched it before I bought it, which I always like to do first, so I had no idea what the consistency would be like.

I was right to put my faith in NARS' formula because it really is a winner. It is lighter and thinner than lots of other liquid lipsticks which makes it really easy to apply and I think helps make sure it is not drying at all. Again, it lasts all day, tried and tested through meals. The shade I own is a liquid lipstick alternative to my classic MAC Velvet Teddy, it really suits any brown or burnt orange eye looks. It's absolutely gorgeous, as are all of the range - I definitely want to try more!

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Matte Liquid Lipstick

ABH was definitely one of the first brands pioneering liquid lipstick and making them essentials in any makeup bag. I believe that the classics are always worth checking out, and the ABH liquid lipsticks are no exception.

Like my other favourites, The Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks have a winning formula. They really last all day and are really comfortable on the lips, you can't tell it's on once it has dried at all.
The shade range is really unbeatable, there is no doubting that you will find a shade perfect for you. I have a few but my favourites are Stripped and Dazed - Stripped is a lovely nude perfect for the spring months, but I have got Dazed out again now it is autumn because it's a really lovely brown tone for this time of year.

But what makes these three brands special? Now, I've not tried every single liquid lipstick brand out there, but out of the ones I have tried, these are the only ones that I consistently use a lot - notably, the only ones I have brought with me to uni. Sometimes it is a shade range issue for me - Kat Von D's formula is famous, yet I don't find many of her shades very flattering. A lot of cheaper brands in my opinion are either too drying or crumbly, or don't even set on the lips - I'm sadly looking at you Maybelline! These are the only three liquid lipstick brands I believe you need to check out.

However, if you have a firm favourite I haven't mentioned, make sure to let me know! Maybe I will check it out and you will have proven me wrong!

EG x


  1. Haven't used them before! They look so pretty


  2. I've heard a lot of good things about the Too Faced one, especially the shade Child Star! I think I may need to finally pick it up and give it a go xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Love all of the shades of these! I have a Pure Hollywood by ABH and love the formula of it! TKMaxx can be so good for finding these liquid lipsticks!
    Amber |