An Afternoon In Notting Hill

Saturday, October 26, 2019 Notting Hill, London, UK

For years now I have described my dream place to live in the whole world as Notting Hill, despite the fact I had never even visited that area of London before. But, as seen all over Instagram and Pinterest, and of course, one of my favourite films Notting Hill itself, the colourful houses are so dreamy - how could you not want to live in one?! It was a bucketlist place to visit while in London so I was really excited when me and my friend decided to spend an afternoon wandering around the most beautiful streets you will ever find.

Getting there on the tube from King's Cross was surprisingly easy and enjoyable - I don't know if it was the fact it was a Sunday afternoon, but actually getting a seat the entire way made a huge change to being rammed up against the door on my way to Leicester Square the day before! We got the tube to Ladbrooke Grove, rather than Notting Hill Gate, because it was much more straight forward, and as the signs on the platform suggested, it led us straight to Portobello Road market, exactly where we wanted to be.

But first, we had to have some glimpses of some colourful houses! We first walked down Lancaster Road, which has beautiful houses in bright colours - I absolutely adore the red one. Just off Lancaster Road is a little street called St Luke's Mews where they filmed the super famous scene in Love Actually with the signs - me and my friend both love that film so we had to take a visit! The pink house is where Keira Knightley's character lived in the film, and it is totally gorgeous; no surprise it had several people crowded around taking photos!

Then we made our way to Portobello Road, which hosts its famous market on every day but Sunday, so we couldn't feel like we were recreating the scene in Notting Hill where the seasons change as Hugh Grant walks through the market. But, on the same theme, we went to visit a little shop just off Portobello Road, on Blenheim crescent - The Notting Hill Bookshop.

This is the bookshop that inspired the travel bookshop in the film - it even has a plaque to say so! Make sure to leave plenty of time to visit as I can imagine the entrance gets quite crowded with photographers, we had to wait a short while. But you will also be able to spend plenty of time exploring the store, which is fairly small but has a great collection of books, especially classics and of course, travel books. It also has some merchandise that I was very excited by, purchasing a tote bag, notebook and a coaster with that famous Notting Hill quote on it (I'm just a girl...)

Back onto Portobello Road we went! I would recommend taking some time just to wander the streets going off the main road as there are plenty of little side streets with really pretty pastel-coloured houses, with Instagrammers galore posing for photos - which of course we had to join in with, it only feels right doesn't it?

There is a huge array of cafes to visit in Notting Hill. If you search for recommendations online, the top result is always Farm Girl, which we went to, but queueing for a while they were all out of cake, sadly! So while it is probably amazing, if you really want to go I would get there early. We instead went to Gail's Bakery and had a muffin which was lovely and well-priced, I really want to try more of their options, it all looked delicious!

As we only had the afternoon we then went to get the tube back again, while I confirmed to my friend that yes, now that I have visited I can still absolutely say that it still is my dream to live there.
Let me know if you have any Notting Hill recommendations, becuase I would love to go back soon!

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  1. Notting Hill is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of London - I'd love to have a wander round again soon!

    Lucy | Forever September