Seventies Style, But Make It 2019

Thursday, September 05, 2019

As fashion comes and goes, we find ourselves constantly looking to the past for new ideas; trends really aren't brand new after all! It seems what comes around will always come back around - I'm just hoping that's not the case for skinny brows and low rise jeans, not on my watch! Instead, currently I am feeling very inspired by fashion from the seventies, as is the general consensus across the fashion world, from high street shops to designers and magazines, so here are my favourite trends from the that are working their way back into our high street shops and wardrobes today.


Denim from the seventies is making a huge comeback and it is something everyone has taken notice of. Topshop have a whole section of flared jeans to explore for the iconic seventies look, but if that feels a little out of your comfort zone, a wider leg option, such as denim culottes could be your answer.

However, when it comes to styling denim with a 70s flair, you definitely don't need to stop at jeans. Denim dresses are everywhere right now and perfectly give a nod to the decade of denim. Similarly an A Line button through denim skirt adds the 70s denim look while also super versatile; I own one similar in my wardrobe and it is a staple, perfect for dressing up or down.

The best thing about the focus on denim is we all own it already in some form or another, so it is super easy to give your look a seventies spin without spending anything at all!


I'm a huge jumpsuit fan, so I am not surprised they were one of the ultimate seventies essentials. While back in the era they were most associated with disco, in eye-catching prints, these days you'll find one to suit any occasion to make you feel effortlessly put together, with a classic nod to the seventies.


YSL pioneered the trouser suit look that exploded in the 70s and it is certainly making a resurgence today. You'll see them everywhere, from high street stores to high-end catwalks in a variety of styles and textures. The high street is giving them a modern spin by making them available in every colour under the sun, with an emphasis on pastel colours, such as baby pinks and lemon hues.


Long skirts are probably the item of clothing that has made the biggest comeback this year, and an item I am super fond of. It's definitely the biggest way this year seventies style has made its way into our high street stores. They have been modernised by appearing in an array of colours and prints - New Look love a floral number, I can tell you that now!


While this new H&M collection is inspired by the swinging 60s, personally I feel the colour schemes lend itself better to early 70s style; the burnt oranges, khakis and neutrals. The styles such as plenty of long, maxi skirts are also perfect throwbacks to the era. The scarf scrunchie featured in the collection reminded me of the hair style worn by Felicity Jones' portrayal of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the film On The Basis Of Sex (recently watched & loved), set in 1970 - a style I totally love.

The whole collection, in my opinion, is the idea of seventies style in the modern day to a tee. I had already started putting together this post before it was revealed and it felt like it was made for me to feature here. In the window of H&M at the Trafford Centre, the mannequins wear the style with some very 2019 chunky white trainers which really modernises the look.


The seventies styles are truly dominated by their rich colour palette of burnt oranges, mustards and other earth tones. Going into the autumnal season, it is without a doubt that mustard will be a staple shade just like it was back in the day, with a couple a mustard tones recently creeping their way into my wardrobe over the past year or so. The earthy colour palette is a perfect throwback to the seventies in 2019 because you'll probably find a lot of this in your current wardrobe anyway, because its neutrality makes it match with almost everything.


I got my inspiration from Seventies looks past and present - even found a few items in my wardrobe that I felt lent themselves to the theme.


My favourite seventies inspired style in the shops right now:

I absolutely loved combining my two loves of fashion and history in this post and would love to do similar such posts, perhaps in a little more depth! How could you inject a bit of seventies style into your look?

EG x


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  2. Love this post - also love the 70s inspired fashion trends! I'm obsessed with jumpsuits at the moment, they're so comfy and versatile!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I love this! I love everything you've picked out and especially that colour scheme xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. I'm such a fan of denim and shirts with flowy sleeves like that orange top. I love 70's and vintage style these are all lovely picks! xx

    My Lovelier Days