The Iconic Jennifer Aniston Inspired Lipstick By Charlotte Tilbury

Monday, September 02, 2019

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have to be some of my all-time favourites. Not only for the quality and the clever names they all have, but they are all so pretty. Her original range, in a variety of formulas, comes in beautiful rose gold packaging, but her new collection, the second Hot Lips range, are even prettier - both the packaging, which comes in five different types, and the shades themselves.

Priced at £28, the Hot Lips 2 lipsticks certainly aren't cheap, but they're worth it for a treat, as was my reason for purchase. They feel very luxurious, heavier than the average lipstick, and are also able to be refilled, with refill bullets at a cheaper price, so it is value for money in this sense.

The hot lips 2 range includes 11 lipsticks in a range of shades, from light nudes, to pinks, reds and even a clear balm. Charlotte Tilbury named the eleven shades each after people she considers 'iconic', and of course without even seeing the shades, I instantly knew I had to get the one inspired by Jennifer Aniston, called 'Glowing Jen'.

Fortunately, this definitely is the shade best suited to me too, a gorgeous pink toned nude. It definitely makes a change from all the brown tones I wear! It is super flattering and I imagine this would be the case for all skin tones. While I felt some of the nudes in the collection were a bit too light for even my pale complexion, Glowing Jen has plenty of colour and pigment.

My other Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is from her matte range, so above all I was interested to see what the formula turned out like. I would consider it a creamy formula, but unlike a lot of cream lipsticks I own, it is still plenty pigmented so a real win-win. To say it is a cream, it doesn't feel uncomfortable on the lips at all, instead very hydrating, as the product description promises. It lasted a surprisingly long time on the lips too, and evenly faded so I am really impressed.

A huge pull of these lipsticks is the packaging, for sure. The hot lips collection comes in 5 different designs, from a night sky which fits perfectly to the one inspired by JK Rowling, to the leopard print featured in my shade. While I've never been a huge leopard print fan, I think as a lipstick it looks so pretty! I also love how if you had a few shades, you can mix and match the packaging.

I also really love the idea of being able to purchase a refill to pop back into your packaging when you've finished the lipstick, it definitely motivates me to try and finish it eventually! These are only £19 which is really good value compared to Charlotte Tilbury's usual lipstick price. You could refill it with the shade you finished, or even perhaps try something new which is really fun.

If you haven't tried a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick before, I seriously recommend trying these ones out. While they do sound pricey, it is worth a real treat because you know this is a lipstick that is going to get its money worth - and if nothing else, it's inspired by Jennifer Aniston, so it's practically Friends merch!

EG x


  1. Oh wow, the packaging is just everything

    Candice ||

  2. This shade looks so gorgeous! I'm finding it so hard to narrow down the shades I want from this collection, as they all look so pretty. Great review xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you!! They are all so nice, I can understand why you would have trouble narrowing it down - it was actually quite easy for me as it was totally the shade I would go for paired with my love for Jennifer Aniston, it was a no brainer! x

  3. That packaging is to die for!!
    Amber |

  4. The most beautiful shade and such incredible packaging - I neeeed!

    Lucy | Forever September