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Saturday, July 20, 2019

NARS is one of my favourite 'treat' makeup brands. It's certainly not the sort of brand I can afford usually, and that 'I just spent over £20 on a lipstick' guilt is real, so I like to put as much research into the purchase as possible. So far I have two lip products from Nars, both are completely different, so today I thought I would share my thoughts on them both and suggest which one would be best for you.

Satin Lip Pencil - Rikugien

The Satin Lip Pencil was the first Nars product I ever tried and it really got me sold onto the brand. I swatched a few of their lip products but fell in love with the formula of this, with a satin finish, it dreamily glided on and felt really smooth and soft.

The pencil format was something I was intrigued to try, as I'm much more used to bullet-form lipsticks but it really sets Nars out from the crowd, as it's quite unique to their brand as far as I'm aware. Although the pencils are more expensive than an average lipstick, you get way more product out of it as you can sharpen it time and time again.

The shade range of the Satin Pencils is incredible, ranging from nudes to pinks to reds and berries. I think my shade, Rikugien, is the slightest touch too pink for me so I find myself reaching for it less than I would if it was a more brown or peachy tone. Saying that, it's still a really pretty shade perfect for everyday. Being a satin finish, the product does give a light sheen to the lips, but if that isn't for you, I would recommend checking out their Velvet Matte lip pencils, I'm definitely hoping to try one myself soon.

In terms of longevity, being a satin finish, these lip pencils don't stay on your lips for hours, as is expected for the finish. While this is less noticeable with the lighter shade I own, I imagine if you had a darker shade, this would definitely need topping up throughout the day.

The formula of the Satin Lip Pencils is to die for, a product definitely worth the splurge for a treat.

Best for you if: you like quick, easy application. You like a wash of colour with a little sheen. You prefer crayon-like products. You are happy to top up your lipstick throughout the day. 

Powermatte Lip Pigment - Get It On

If the pencil formula, or the lighter, satin finish isn't for you, it may be worth checking out their powermatte lip pigment range. I was practically over the liquid lipstick trend, as I couldn't imagine how any brand could match my Too Faced Melted Mattes, but we have definitely found a contender - which says a lot! I have had this lipstick now a few months and it quickly became one of my all time favourites.

The 'Powermatte lip pigment' is exactly that, a matte finish lipstick with lots of colour. Nars tend to specialise in their bright, bold colour range in this product, however there are also plenty of nudes in the mix. As a lover of a matte finish, this seemed right up my street, but of course I was curious to how drying it would feel, as is often the case with matte liquid lipsticks. Thankfully, dry lips are not a problem at all with this product.

The shade Get It On is a gorgeous brown toned nude, think Velvet Teddy in tone. I had been looking for a liquid match to Velvet Teddy for a very long time so I'm very happy I've finally found a lipstick to fit the bill. It's a really flattering shade that I get a lot of wear out of because it really compliments brown or orange toned eye looks, often my favourite to create.

The formula of the lipstick is also worth talking about, as it seems a lot thinner than your average liquid lipstick. This makes it easier to build up the colour, from a light wash to very bold. Additionally, the applicator is very precise so it's really easy to apply, a God-send for someone like me with shaky hands, my lipstick finally looks neat!

One of my favourite things about this lipstick is that it stays on forever! It's the sort of lipstick I can put on at the beginning of the day, eat two meals, come home and the colour is still lasting. When it does fade, this is equal all over the lips and not patchy at all. This is especially perfect if you were to choose one of the many bolder, darker shades from the collection.

The Powermatte Lip Pigment is one of my favourite products right now, and I really couldn't recommend it enough if you're thinking, alike myself, that it's right up your street.

Best for you if: you love a bold, pigmented shade. You prefer a matte formula. You still can't get enough of liquid lipsticks. You want a lipstick to last the entire day.

Have you tried any Nars lip products? There's still a few I'm yet to try, including their Audacious lipsticks, so I would love to hear your recommendations! 

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  1. I just picked up a Satin Lip Pencil the other day, and I cannot believe that it took me so long to pick one up! Rikugien looks gorgeous, I'm totally going to have to add that to my next Sephora list!

    Ashlee |

    1. I hope you enjoy your new purchase! Rikugien is definitley one to pick up! x

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  3. I love the colours of these! I've never tried any Nars lip products but these sound great x

  4. I feel as though it's an absolute crime that I've never tried any makeup from NARS! I definitely know where to start now though, great post! x

    Daisy / By Daisy Bradbury

    1. Definitely start with one of these, you'll realise what you have been missing out on! Thank you Daisy x

  5. I can't believe I've never tried a NARS lip product, crazy?!

    Lucy | Forever September