The Pixi Skincare Saviours You NEED

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Pixi skincare brand is undeniably the bloggers' iconic favourite. I'm not even exaggerating, it's definitely guaranteed that every blogger and their best friend has some on their skincare shelf. So of course, I had to try some of their products out myself to see what the fuss is all about!

I'm a pretty simple person when it comes to skincare, literally I have been using Simple's trusty products since forever, so it was exciting to try something else out and see if it made a difference. I tried products from their Best Of Bright set, which was perfect to try them in a miniature form to see if they would help my skin before going for the full-size, especially because they aren't particularly cheap!

The set comes with three products, which I would consider to be three of Pixi's best-sellers. Firstly, we have the Glow Mud cleanser. I use this in the evenings and as far as cleansers go, I find it super easy to use, popping a bit all over the face, working it in and then rinsing off. I definitely notice a difference when using it, my face feels so clean but I've noticed on days after using this, I'm a lot less oily too which I often have a problem with so I am really impressed with this one.

Then we have the cult classic, Glow Tonic. I don't consider this product as life changing as some bloggers, however I can see why it's worth the hype. It's so gentle on the skin which I consider important for a toner, and definitely provides some 'glow' as it claims to. I also love that it seriously lasts forever, I have used this tiny bottle for a while now and it's barely gone, so even though it seems quite expensive it will last ages.

The final item in the set is the Glow Mud Mask, which because it's not part of my nightly routine I do usually forget to use it in all honesty, so I can't talk about it as much as the other two. I apply it to my T-Zone, especially in times of breakouts which only ever happen on my chin, and I can definitely say it has made a difference by fighting spots as it claims.

My final product from Pixi is a full sized Glow Mist, the item I was possibly most excited to try, and the one I have been most impressed by too. I've always loved the idea of trying a mist to freshen up and it really works, making my face feel brighter. I find it best to use before makeup, or throughout the day - a reason I really wanted it was for hot summer days, and I can tell you right now as I write this at 30°c, it really helps! The only thing I would advise is not using it straight after makeup application, I thought it might work as a setting spray but nope, just made my makeup go everywhere!

I can totally see the bloggers' hype towards Pixi; all the products I have mentioned are cruelty free and suitable for vegans which is a huge step for a skincare brand. Pixi is also available in lots of stores now, I remember when it was only available in M&S and now you can get it in Boots, Selfridge's and loads of other online beauty retailers.

Have you tried any Pixi products? I would love to hear your favourites!

EG x


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  1. I keep seeing so many posts about this brand! I've never tried any of the products but Aldi have launched a dupe version of these products but at a much lower price point. I don't know how they'd live up to the hype and high reviews.

    1. I would love to find out if the Aldi dupes live up to how good Pixi are, because they are so much cheaper! x

  2. Oh, i've never tried these before! Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. Pixi's sets I am always eyeing up I think they are great! Oh I was literally saying in my latest post how I love using the Pixi glow mist on top of my makeup as it makes it look really nice haha
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  4. I actually have the Glow Mud Mask in my skincare collection and have never used it, I really want to give it a go now!

    Lucy | Forever September