Morphe Haul & First Impressions

Sunday, June 30, 2019

I was so excited to visit the new Morphe store in Liverpool and it certainly did not disappoint! My first experience with Morphe products was at the New York Ulta store, at a little stand with only their palettes and brushes. It was really exciting then, so imagine how I felt greeted by the entire Morphe range, from the classic eyeshadows to face, lips, brows, EVERYTHING.

I love Morphe as a brand, especially for their quality at an incredible price point. This is seriously the stuff of makeup artists, and yet it's affordable for everyone. HOW??? There was so much choice in the store, especially because at such a great price, everything feels like a bargain, so it was really difficult to only choose a few items, which I whisked away in a gorgeous Morphe Liverpool bag.

Firstly, we will be talking about their brow products. I am amazed by their Arch Obessions brow kit, in which you recieve five full-sized brow products for only £20. I really don't know how they retail the set so cheap, as you're making a huge saving compared to buying each Morphe item individually - which still is pretty inexpensive for what you're getting.

In this set you have absolutely everything you could ever need for the perfect brows. A classic pencil, with a spoolie on one side and product at the other, my favourite sort of product for filling in brows. It's so easy to apply and touch up sparse areas. We also have a pomade or 'brow cream' as Morphe call it. This is perfect for defining the brow, a really good formula, I've only tried a Revolution pomade before, around the same price point, but that one is a little too crumbly and powdery, Morphe's product is much more creamy. The set even includes a brush to apply it with which is really handy. Then there's a transparent brow gel, which simply keeps brows in place all day, and does exactly what it says on the tin really well. Finally the kit includes a brow highlighter pencil, which is really nice to blend into the brow bone.

The Arch Obsessions kit has really impressed me not only on value for money but also the quality of the products. You can obviously purchase the products separately which is great for if you run out of one - I know the pencil from my kit will need a repurchase first, but it's really great for starting off and getting a good taste of the brand. The shade range is also amazing, 7 shades which lovely namesI still can't get over how it's only £20 - less than my beloved Anastasia Brow Wiz, just the pencil on its own!

I could not walk into a Morphe shop without buying one of their eyeshadow palettes, could I? It's what they're best known for! I already own one of the huge 35 shade palettes, the classic 35O, which I love but it can be bulky, so I really wanted a smaller palette of theirs which would be easier to carry around. After eyeing up their 15 shade palettes, I decided on the one which was the most different to everything else I own, the Brunch Babe palette. It's so weird, this one was the one I didn't expect to buy online, but it is gorgeous in person!

The palette has a great range of shades which is definitely the reason it had to become part of my collection. Personally I love a palette that has such a great range that you can create a variety of looks, day or night, shimmery or matte, and this certainly offers everything. The neutral mattes such as 'Weekend' and 'Beignets' are really blendable, whilst the gorgeous pink shimmers, 'Bellini' and 'Squad' my favourites, add a pop of colour and fun to the palette. They all have really nice names which makes it even more fun than the 35 shade palettes where the pans are unnamed. I can't wait to try this out more and create lots of looks with it.

The final item I picked up was Morphe's eye primer. Believe it or not I have never owned an eye primer until now, always meant to pick one up but never did! Morphe's primer retails at £10, but it is half the price when you buy it with a palette, which since I was anyway, it is even cheaper than buying an eye primer in a Superdrug brand. It's really easy to apply as a base before eyeshadow and I think blending is made easier - I can't decide yet whether or not my eyeshadow lasts longer, I will give it a few more tries then report back!

I am so impressed with my new Morphe products, the quality is unbeatable for the price! Have you headed to a Morphe store yet? In addition to Liverpool, they also have shops in Birmingham and London's Westfield Stratford - hopefully they will be all over the country soon!

EG x


  1. Got yourself some lovely bits! Morphe's eyeshadows are crazy pigmented. Love the colours of the ones in the palette you picked up!
    Amber |

    1. They have the most amazing pigment! Thanks for commenting Amber x