Fit For A Princess? | Colourpop 'It's A Princess Thing' Palette

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fun fact: I am a huge fan of Colourpop Cosmetics, they are one of my favourite brands right now. They really stand out from the crowd with their innovative products that are at an unbelieveably affordable price point. Unlike a lot of the beauty industry right now, they always seem to be doing something everyone else isn't... including collaborations with Disney, of all people!

Their Disney Princess range included a bunch of exciting products including princess inspired lipsticks and supershock shadows, but I was certainly most excited about the 'It's A Princess Thing' palette, since I had never tried a Colourpop pressed shadow palette and I mean, it is pretty stunning if you ask me!

Firstly, we need to talk packaging. Something I love about the palette is how lightweight and travel friendly it is with its sleek design, to be honest something you don't tend to see nowadays! The front is beautiful with the princesses embossed, while inside the fifteen shades are a great size. It's gold surrounding does make photographing the palette without my weird shadow a pain though! I guess some people may say it could have done with a mirror in there but since I don't use palette-mirrors anyway I am not fussed.

So, onto the shades themselves, we are greated with fifteen which is a fab selection, mostly warm tones meaning they work really well together. I love the Disney related names each shade has, from 'Fairy Godmother' to 'magic carpet', it really adds something special to the shades.

Out of the fifteen, there is only four mattes and they are pretty light in tone, only one, Abu, is deeper, as a rich brown. This is, for me, the biggest downside of the palette. Something I really want out of a palette is the ability to create a variety of looks just without reaching for other palettes, and a lack of mattes always minimises the ability of this.

Saying that, I don't think I could possibly sacrifice any of the shimmers for another matte because they are HEAVENLY, I tell you! Colourpop do shimmers incredibly well, compared to other brands which simply aren't pigmented enough. The range of the shimmers in the palette is insane, brights like 'Poison Apple', a gorgeous rosey 'Enchanted Rose', and the best gold I have ever used, 'One Kiss?'. I have tried a lot of gold shimmers but this one is easily my favourite and the only one I will reach for now!

Perhaps I can't make lots of looks just with this palette, but the shimmers have to be some of the best, if not the best I have ever used. I can tell I will be reaching for the palette for those alone, for a pop of sparkle to brighten up a look, if nothing else! Hence, using the bright shimmers paired with other shadows could make a fabulous evening look, but the lighter mattes also make it great for everyday.

The crazy thing is this palette, all these gorgeous shades, is only $22! I am not sure exactly how much this is in pounds, but what I know for certain is it's only a fraction of my other favourite palettes, the Urban Decays and the Too Faceds, and easily as good quality. My downside of course with Colourpop is that it isnt stocked in any UK stores, I cry, and delivery is from the US but now that the tax is included in shipping for us lot it's miles easier, and there is often no minimum spend shipping for international deliveries, which you should jump at the chance of if you spot one!

I wasn't sure if it would live up to the colour pay off of their Supershock shadows but I have certainly been convinced otherwise! Have you tried a Colourpop palette before?

EG x


  1. I've been loving ColourPop lately, and this palette is so gorgeous! The shades are so beautiful and you're so right about the shimmers xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. This palette looks so beautiful and so do your gorgeous photos too! I love the shades in this. It's such a nice mixture xx

    Lauren |

  3. Isn't this just the cutest collaboration ever!! I am a lover of Disney and this just seems like the sweetest thing. Perfect for everyday x
    Amber |

  4. Oh my goodness, what a freaking gorgeous palette! Colourpop is one of my faveee brands!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. This palette is so pretty! I love the sparkly shades x