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Thursday, April 18, 2019

It will come as a shock to many that over the past couple of months, I have fallen back in love with Instagram. Maybe that's a bit of an overexaggeration - I have fallen back in like with Instagram is much better. I have been less active on the blog lately spending my time revising instead (A Levels sadly loom), but I didn't want to abandon all of my socials over this time. Since Twittter seems to be a downward spiral for me, losing followers rather than gaining them these days, I decided to turn to an old frenemy, Instagram.

Instagram never really seemed to work for me, until I realised that I just wasn't doing it right. I've changed up my posting techniques over the past few weeks and although my figures aren't gastronomical, I am actually enjoying posting on there now which is the main thing!! But what did I do?


The day I decided to start trying harder with my Instagram, I looked at all my favourite accounts and realised they all had one thing in common. Business account. This was such a simple fix - you don't actually need a Facebook page anymore, hallelujah - and has seriously upped my game because I love looking at all the stats. It helped to show my what I needed to work on, and also how well I was doing which keeps me motivated to keep going. My life's greatest mystery is why I didn't switch it earlier.


Flatlays are kinda my thing, for right now anyway. My favourite feeds to follow are either much more chill, life ones or the gorgeous fashion photography ones, but eventually I decided I need to stop forcing myself to be something I am not. I prefer being behind the camera, and so I decided to do this to the best of my ability. I got a lovely comment the other day about my flatlays and it made me realise that being happy with your niche and what you post is the most important way to enjoy using Instagram. If you feel happier, you'll be more likely to take more photos, and then...


A few months ago, you'd be lucky if you got an Instagram photo every one or two weeks. Consistency? Never heard of her, until now. I had no idea how much of a difference posting often would make, and so ignored my fatal flaw. Posting at least every other day is my goal right now because engagament is so much higher. However, I realised there's a second step to this...


Timing is key. Over the past few weeks I have done many experiements with what the best time to post is, and do you know when my posts do best? When they are posted early on, either between 7-9am on a weekday, and between 8-10am at the weekend. And they do awful if you post them at midday. It's definitely something to bear in mind, I have been popping notifications on my Instagram planning app UNUM to remind me to post so early, and when I do it really pays off.


On my most successful posts, most of my reach comes from hashtags, often double or triple the amount from 'home'. But sure, I've been using hashtags since I started Instagram, popping thirty odd in a comment, so what's changed? The hardest thing about using hashtags, is finding the right ones. The most successful way of doing this, in my opinion, is finding a blogger with a similar niche to yours and clicking on one of their hashtags. Make a note of it. When you click on a hashtag, for example my favourite, #bloggershare, a bunch of related ones come up too. Make a note of some of those that best fit your niche, then click on another one. Keep changing them up and experimenting and see if it makes a difference!


Maybe not to do with my own engagement, but something that turned me off Instagram big time is how so often you miss your favourite accounts' posts. So I simply popped all my favourite accounts on notification, so I never miss a single one, and can like and comment right away. This could help your engagement as you may discover more fab accounts from their comments, but generally I just advise it because I finally don't miss as many posts anymore!


This is the biggie that I am still working on. But commenting is a huge deal. And often, when you comment on someone's Instagram post, they go over and comment right back on yours (I know I like to). On days when I comment a bunch (and I mean make meaningful comments not just emojis, please!!), my own account is noticed more as a result. And you're sharing the love too - it's a win win!


My engagement isn't sky high, by no means, but I think by carrying on my techniques and finding new ones (which I am sure to report back on), it will carry on increasing, which is the main thing. A few months ago my follower count was decreasing per month, however I am now gaining a substantial amount each month which is much more fun.
I'm still working on liking Instagram stories. I love, love watching them, but can't get to grips with them properly myself - probably because I spend my life revising and it's not particularly interesting. Perhaps one to work on in the summer?

Of course, Instagram, like any social media, isn't all about the engagement and the numbers. However I think it's fair to say when you're constantly losing followers, it's going to be less enjoyable because your effort isn't paying off. I am enjoying Instagram a lot more, and by using for my own account more, I have discovered more amazing posts and gain a lot of inspiration to it, saving all my favourite outfits, rooms and flatlays to my saved posts almost like a mini Pinterest.


Do you have any tips about how to enjoy Instagram to its fullest, and boost your own engagement? I would love to hear, all advice is still definitely needed!

EG x


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  2. These are fab tips! I can definitely agree with these. Switching up my hashtags and showing more of my face really helped to boost my engagement xx

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you! Switching up hashtags has been a major one for me too x

  3. Loved this post Erin, Instagram can be quite difficult at times but I think I'm getting there! I think the more you interact with others, the better your engagement gets for sure!

    Lucy |

  4. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I've been loving posting consistently on my instagram and engaging with other content too!

    Katie | XX

  5. These are great tips! I've just changed to a business account after reading this because I didn't realise I no longer needed a facebook page - thanks for sharing x

  6. Great tips - I recently just created an Insta for my blog, and I will definitely be using some of these to boost my following. Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
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