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Thursday, February 21, 2019 North West, England, UK

I get way too excited for The Brit Awards. It's just an award show, and usually, most of the performances are bland, most of the winners aren't who I want, and yet, I am like a child at Christmas when it comes to the Brits. I enjoyed this year's ceremony a little more than usual - might be due to the fact there was none of them crazy rap performances where every other word is edited out - so I thought I'd share my little round up of events with you.

T H E  L O O K S

A couple of hours before the ceremony, I began constantly refreshing the Brits Twitter feed in anticipation of everyone's outfits. I said I get over excited, and it begins right here. I can't say I was really excited by any of the dresses this year, there wasn't particularly one that I had an 'OMG I LOVE IT' moment over. Little Mix looked tr├Ęs fierce, and compared to a photo of them from the 2012 Brits that I saw on Twitter, they had a huge glow up. 

I was super excited to see Shawn Mendes on the red carpet, someone who it never crossed my mind to expect to see there and I think his blue suit was pretty fab, probably my look of the night. The 1975 also looked very dapper, especially compared to their last Brits. Makeup wise I was absolutely loving the rosy tones Dua Lipa went for.

T H E  P E R F O R M A N C E S

You know when I said I felt like a child at Christmas when it comes to the Brits? Well, the presents at the beginning of Christmas day are always the best part, and then it goes a bit downhill, and the exact same happened at the Brits for me. When I found out Hugh Jackman was opening the show I was absolutely buzzing, and his performance of The Greatest Show really wowed me. His vocals were amazing - you wonder because he's done amazing film musicals if he would really be up to scratch in real life, and he was! Cue me and my mum wishing we got tickets to his tour. 

My other two performances of the night hardly come as a surprise if you know me at all! George Ezra's performance of classic Shotgun took me right back to seeing him front row last year, it was such an amazing experience and reminded me how good he is live, I seriously recommend. My other favourite was of course The 1975 with Sincerity is Scary - I had been wondering which one they would go for to perform and I think Sincerity was a very good choice!

Other memorable performances included the huge Calvin Harris number; is it really the Brits if Dua Lipa isn't performing in her underwear? The neon number of Little Mix, and Jess Glynne which honestly looked like a Boots advert to me, I was really expecting someone to come out at the end and tell me they make foundation in every skin tone at the end (which probably wouldn't be true anyway, since it's a Boots ad). 

T H E  W I N N E R S

First award of the night was Best Male, and I was very excited that it went to George Ezra. Was it really going to go to anyone else? Then The 1975 got best group and I felt like I'd got 2/2, really excited that they both won! Best female went to Jorja Smith which I actually expected it to be Anne-Marie who has been much more successful commercially, but there we go.

The international winners flew by in a flash - disappointed that Shawn lost, I mean he came all the way here! Ed Sheeran won Global Success and I honestly forgot he even existed - I feel like George Ezra has replaced him this year and I am not complaining. I was hardly surprised Little Mix won Best Video, a category voted for by the public. Their fans are insane, so it was very predictable! Calvin Harris won two consecutively and I could not get over his accent - yes, Jack Whitehall mentioned he was from Dumfries about three times but I still wasn't expecting it, and found it hilarious. 

When it came to Best British Album I was very much torn between George Ezra and The 1975 - 100% my two favourite British albums last year. I was really excited that they were both even nominated, and couldn't really decide who I wanted to win. I remember listening to George's album one evening last year, all the way through and just being blown away by how flawless it was. Yet The 1975's latest release is incredible too, and some of the songs on it have become my favourites ever. Of course, we know that in the end The 1975 were triumphant, and I could not be happier, they did really deserve it this year.

What were your highlights of The Brit awards? I would love to hear!

EG x

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  1. Love the graphics on this post! What do you use to make them?
    I loved the Brit awards this year!