The Makeup Essential: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Sunday, February 17, 2019 North West, England, UK

I have always, always dreamed of owning a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. About three years ago this was the cult raved about product, but one I could kind of never justify spending so much on - not when I could get a couple of lipsticks for that much anyway!

But when I found a mini version of it in the Debenhams sale just after Christmas, I remembered how much I wanted it back then, and just had to go for it. I kind of thought I was taking a bit of a risk getting this, as I am not a blush person. At all. Yet this was why I fell in love with it so much... it's not your average blush at all, to the point even someone like me can get on board with it.

The shade 'Bronze' is Bobbi Brown's OG shimmer brick shade, and ranges from a white iridescent shade at the top, all the way down to a bronze, with a bunch of rosy shades in between. The main way of using these is swirling them all together on the brush, adding to the cheekbones in a similar way I would apply blush. I liked using this for a more occasion-style makeup look, as an extra-fancy treat, however I have also loved experimenting with the different ways you can use it.

Firstly, I love taking the lighter couple of shades on a smaller brush, and applying to the top of the cheekbones like a highlight, which adds such a gorgeous glow! Alternatively, the shades can be used as beautiful shimmer eyeshadows, which all pair together perfectly. Because of its versatility, I think this makes it worth it as a product. I certainly wouldn't want to pay £36 (or £19.50, in its mini version) on a single blush, but also on a bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadow compact - yes please!

The multi-use nature of the product makes it super travel-friendly and perfect for on the go. It is definitely an item I will be taking out and about with me this year! It even comes with a mirror inside which is perfect for touching up, although doesn't happen to make taking photos of it easy!

When a product you have dreamed about owning for the longest time not only lives up to, but exceeds your expectations it definitely is a relief! Have you ever tried a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, or something similar perhaps? I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!

EG x

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