Too Faced Obessions

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

One of my favourite makeup brands is undoubtedly Too Faced. Their gorgeous packaging and incredibly high-quality products rival everything else right now and I just had to share a few of my favourite products of theirs with you.

Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks -

The product that began the obsession. I bought my first a while back now, the perfect nude shade Child Star. It really has become my perfect lipstick, firstly due to its shade - not too cool, not too warm which means it can match with any eye look or outfit whatsoever, the fact it lasts all day (I'm not even exaggerating), and is super easy to apply. It really is my go to, that lipstick you reach for when you don't know what to reach for, and has become my all-time favourite lipstick - which says a lot!

I ended up getting a second shade, since I loved Child Star so much, and chose the shade Sell Out. It's quite a lot pinker than I would usually go for but it is really flattering and I love it for times when I want a little more colour. I feel like the hype for liquid lipsticks has decreased nowadays and I am not the hugest fan of them, but Too Faced (along with ABH) is a brand I would highly recommend for liquid lipsticks. I also find quite often that liquid lipsticks appear in the tube like a light nude but then end up so much darker but the Melted Mattes are really true to colour.

Chocolate Bronzer -

Another Too Faced obsession of mine is their Chocolate Bronzer. I mean firstly I love the scent and packaging of the product, but what you really want to know is how it applies right? The answer is - like a dream. You don't need a lot on your brush because of its intense pigmentation unlike most bronzers, meaning you get even more out of the product; I certainly won't be hitting pan on this one as quick as my drugstore bronzers! It's the perfect, not too orange and not too dark shade that means it is perfect for all year round use.

Gingerbread Palette -

The first eyeshadow palette I have ever tried from Too Faced, I am most definitely a convert! I was so excited to receive this at Christmas, I honestly didn't expect it since it was sold out everywhere! But I could instantly smell its sweet scent while I was unwrapping it, very excitedly! I feel like Too Faced's gorgeously scented products are an absolute trademark of their brand. Although this one was limited and sold out, as I mentioned, it definitely sets precedent for all other Too Faced eyeshadow palettes which I bet are just as fab!

They blend incredibly and this one has some gorgeous shimmers and mattes, I particularly love Gumdrop and Figgy Pudding, pink and purple mattes respectively, and so many of the pretty shimmer shades in it.

Too Faced is definitely a brand you need to check out if you have not already, I cannot wait to try out more products from their brand! I am really tempted by their natural nude lipstick collection! I would love you to let me know your own favourites!

EG x

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  1. I have a few products from too faced and pretty much everything I've tried, I love. Except the white-chocolate palette but I'll look past that haha. I really want to try the bronzer, sounds like it'll be perfect for my skin tone!

    Lucy | Forever September