The After-Christmas Lush Haul

Sunday, January 06, 2019

The sale after Christmas is my favourite time to go and shop in Lush - I mean, who can say no to half price bath bombs?! I went into my local Lush on Boxing Day when the sale started - I saw so many criticisms of going shopping on Boxing Day over on Twitter but I just think you do you? Lush don't have a sale online, and fortunately, my local one isn't a million miles away so I was really excited to go this year and share with you what I got.

I got two singular bath bombs - two which happen to be my favourites so I am really glad they still had them in stock. The Magic Wand bubble bar is my all time favourite and I am now perfectly stocked up, as I got one for Christmas too! It lasts so long, I think I got about eight or nine uses out of my last one, with loads of bubbles and a very pink bath every time. Plus, it's so easy to use on the stick, I find that a lot easier than a bubble bar you crumble into the hot water!

I also love the Snow Fairy jelly bomb so I was excited to find it still there, it has the Snow Fairy scent so of course, a classic must have, but I love the jelly bomb formula because it feels so soft. Again it's also super pink, I seem to remember it having some blue iridescent glitter in it too which made it even prettier.

I also picked up a set on half price - often on the sale, these can work out better value but only if you want to use all the products! Fortunately, the Christmas Candy Box I chose comes with four products I really wanted to try, none of which they still had on their own either! Half price on this gift set worked out about £10, so £2.50 each for these products is such good value.

The set comes with a Luxury Lush Pud, one of Lush's most famous bath bombs, a real cult favourite. It's so colourful so I can't wait to use this one again (I got a set with it in on last year's sale). It also comes with another two bath products I have never tried - the Candy Cane bubble bar, which you may remember seeing in my Lush Christmas Wishlist so I am really excited I can now try! It looks so cute - it may not be the festive season anymore but I still love it. The final bath product it comes with is the Bubble Bear, which is obviously a lot less colourful than ones like the Lush Pud, but I think this will be a lovely bath.

The last item the set came with is a mini Snow Fairy shower gel. I couldn't find any Snow Fairy shower gel on sale so I am so glad this set comes with some! It's such a gorgeous scent, and the small size is so travel-friendly.

My Lush sale tips:

- Plan ahead: Lush's Christmas items disappear from their site by Christmas Eve, so I would recommend looking online a week or so before the sale to work out what you might fancy getting, and how much you might end up spending so you don't go too overboard while you're there!

- Sets are often better value: Especially when most of the products in the set are no longer available on their own! But make sure you are getting your money's worth, and you're not just buying a set for one item in it, you may as well just have gotten it full price before the sale in that case!

- Get there an hour or so after opening: I got to town a little after Lush opened and I was shocked to find a huge queue outside the door - nieve I know! I wandered around a few other shops for an hour and returned to be able to walk straight in. It may seem overwhelming but it will die down eventually, and you will still be able to get the same stuff as those who are first in!

- Be prepared to queue: My Lush had a queue for actually buying the product all the way around the store - it's a pretty small shop! I was saying it's important to plan what you want, and this is also because you need to be pretty speedy because most of the time you spend in the shop will be queueing!

- There's Still Items Left After Boxing Day: If you really aren't one to leave the house after Boxing Day, I totally get it - there's usually plenty of products left a couple of days later, especially in bigger stores! I visited the Leeds Lush on the 28th last year, and despite most of the individual products had gone, there was still lots of sets left and I bought enough to make my arm ache from carrying the bag around with me all day!

Have you bought anything from the Lush sale this year?

EG x


  1. I think the same, if you want to go shopping on boxing day, then go. It's got nothing to do with anybody else. You got so many lovely things, I love that magic wand bubble bar, it's pretty and smells so good. Got to love a bit of Snow Fairy xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I unfortunately didn't get anything from the Lush Christmas range this Christmas - I usually stock up on Snow Fairy because it smells amazing! x

  3. I can't believe I didn't take advantage of the christmas sale, I love Lush's christmas products!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. I haven't bought anything from the LUSH sale but it was mainly because I had no money! Maybe next year I'll treat myself! The items you picked up are all great picks! I especially love the Magic Wand!
    Tabs xxx

  5. Awh I love Christmas lush!! They do some of the best smelling products for sure. I love the father Christmas bath bomb x
    Amber |