Hello 2019

Friday, January 04, 2019

The beginning of a new year floods our social media with 'new year new me' inspired goals, and although I don't feel like particularly embracing a new me, there are a few areas I would like to focus on this year - maybe we can come back at the end of the decade (yep, we're really nearly at the end of these tenties or whatever we're supposed to call them) and see how many I achieved.

Only buy makeup if it's filling a gap in my collection: I have accumulated a lot of makeup over the past couple of years, and I do consider it a proper collection that I love adding to, but I really want to stop adding necessarily to it. I really want to work out what I need (definitely not another brown toned lipstick anyway), and curate a collection of products that I really use all of.

Make my blog more 'me': Although I am not entirely sure how I want to achieve this, something I know is that I really want to make my blog exactly how I want it to be this year, and use it exactly how I want too. I reread my 'hello 2018' post prior to writing this one, and there was a real focus on growing follower numbers and sticking to a blog schedule. I felt bombarded in 2018 by posts about 'how to triple your followers' or 'how to drive traffic to your blog' and began to realise that those things aren't why I started, nor why I want to continue.

Even looking back at posts I wrote from a few months ago, I realised the topics weren't something I would write now - I found myself thinking "When did I even write that?!". In 2019 I really want to focus on writing about topics that really interest me. This includes more fashion posts, at least half of what I read has to be fashion related and my love for it has grown in the past year, I just have to work out how this will work for me. A huge part of my life which I barely share on my blog is my love for art, maybe we will see a more creative side to Everything Erin in 2019, who knows!

Eventually I would love to give my blog a makeover and really think about what I am adding to the internet, but for now we won't be having a 'new year new blog' (thanks A levels), maybe think ' new June, new blog'...

Connect to bloggers more: Something that hasn't changed since last year is I still really want to comment on more blogs, and use social media productively. I find that I scroll endlessly throughout Twitter and Instagram without adding anything, and it's such a waste of time! When I use social media, I really want to start using meaningful comments and actually use that scrolling time to benefit others a bit more. I also want to meet more of my favourite bloggers, as I mentioned in my last post, meeting Eleanor in Oxford was amazing, and we can't forget about my fab friend Ellie - whose blog I read a long time before I actually met her and now we're in the same French class! I really want to make more blogging related memories this year.

Accept what is meant to be: In under a weeks time I will find out a decision that will probably determine the next three years of my life, or even more than that, in one way or another. One of my biggest goals for 2019 is to not shroud myself with 'what ifs' and focus on what is actually happening. Wherever I end up, it will be where is right for me, and I really need to remember that.

Stop procrastinating: It all goes back to that scrolling thing doesn't it... I really want to spend less unproductive time on my phone. I've become a little over obsessive with the new 'screen time' section of the iPhone, and have worked over the past few weeks to get my daily average down on my phone. Sometimes it's quite high, perhaps I've been taking blog photos or reading a book, so I can't possibly beat myself up for that, I basically just want to stop the scrolling. I could be spending that time so much better, and then I won't get as overwhelmed that I have a thousand and one tasks to complete!

Read more: But by that, I am happy enough if it doesn't mean reading more books. I have come to terms with the fact I don't have the attention span nowadays to get into a full fiction novel (I shocked a few people in my English last year when I commented I don't really read, nope, definitely not even Harry Potter...). Perhaps in the summer, I could read more books, but I am happy enough for them to be historical and something that I am particularly interested in. I love learning, so this year I would love to read more interesting articles, blog posts, even more magazines.

I hope you have a fab 2019 and achieve greater and bigger things this year. What are your 2019 goals?

EG x


  1. I loved this post Erin! Both our goals are quite similar actually, especially with the ‘what’s meant to be’. I’m definitely going into 2019 with that mindset and hoping it will continue throughout the year. Also definitely agree about June being the month where blogging starts again! I feel like our lives are just going kickstart from that month ahah. Wishing you the best 2019 :) xx


    1. Thank you Eleanor! Bring on June and our lives finally feeling existent again, I say :) x

  2. Heyy Erin. Happy 2019, and I love your blog. Anyways, I'm in love with all your goals and I like how they add to your productivity. Above all, hope you manage on procrastinating.

    -Kudakwaishe ZW | kudakwayishe.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you so much! Well, we're hoping I manage not to procrastinate, in all honesty :)) x