Black Friday Beauty | ABH & Colourpop

Monday, December 17, 2018

I have never been a huge one for jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon, but this year I found a couple of beauty-related deals that were simply too good to resist. Since deals like this are only ever found online, especially on the brand's own store, it took a while for them to arrive and I wanted to try them out properly before I wrote a post about them all, so it has come to only now for me to post this!

I was most excited to make an order at Colourpop; now that the taxes are included in shipping (no more pesky customs fees), I have been waiting for the day that free worldwide shipping has no minimum, and the day finally came on the Tuesday before Black Friday. They only held this offer for 48 hours, and it was towards the end of this time when I noticed so I made an order sharpish.

The first thing I chose was some lipsticks, as their Black Friday week deal was 30% off, making Colourpop's $5-7 lipsticks even cheaper. I picked up one of their liquid lipsticks while I was in New York so I wanted to try their different products, so chose one Lippie Stix and one Lux Lipstick.

The Lippie Stix in the shade Brink had the most amazing colour pay off which meant it lasted a super long time. I'm not over keen on its scent, and you can feel it on your lips for quite a while which can be a little irritating. However, I really do love the shade, a lovely pink toned nude which is really flattering, and the packaging is gorgeous.

Yet the star of the show has to be the Lux Lipstick in the matte shade Money Moves. I adore the packaging of their Lux lipsticks - the bullet even has stars embossed on it, so I was super excited to try one of these. It really didn't disappoint - in fact, it exceeded all expectations. The formula really excited me, it had quite a thin feeling that you can't feel on the lips whatsoever, while the colour is super pretty, a nude that reminds me of MAC Velvet Teddy. This is definitely one I will be getting a lot of wear out of!

I also purchased two of their Supershock eyeshadows, since I own two of these already and love them. However, there was no saving on these at the time - they were full price $5, still amazing for such a pigmented eyeshadow. I firstly chose an Ultra-Glitter shadow in the shade 'Frog', a gorgeous champagne shade with blue and pink glitter in it, giving it a real unique reflex.

I also wanted to try one of their matte eyeshadows and chose Elixir, a gorgeous burnt orange. This is super pretty blended into the crease, it's a real rusty shade that I think, because its border on orange and brown can suit so many different eye looks.

On Black Friday itself, I browsed the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and found some offers way too good to pass up on. A huge selection of their products ranged from 30-50% off, which were huge savings on some of their most iconic products. I was most excited to spot their Contour Kit at 50% off, making it £21 rather than £42. It has been a product I have dreamt about owning for years, yet at £42 I could never justify it, I would rather spend that money on eyeshadow usually. But at £21 it was an absolute no-brainer.

The contour kit was actually smaller than I expected, but includes 6 shades - 3 highlight, 3 contour. I love the fact these are refillable too as there will definitely be some shades I use more than others. I am yet to have a proper play around with all the highlight shades, but I absolutely love the contour shade in the middle, Fawn. It is the absolute perfect matte bronzer, particularly for the colder months, as it is cool toned and also light enough that you can be a bit more heavy-handed, but not too light that it's hard to work with.

Another ABH deal I was excited about was their £15 brow products. A huge lover of their Brow Wiz, I really wanted to go for another brow product, and since this was the most expensive to start off with (£24), and therefore the biggest saving, I chose their duo brow powder in the shade Ebony. It applies super easy like any powder would, and I love the two tones - lighter for the front of the brow, darker for the tail, to really suit your brow and make it look as natural as possible. I do think it's slightly more warm toned than the Ebony Brow Wiz which is something to bear in mind, but it is definitely a product I will get a lot of use out of - I also love the chic packaging.

Did you purchase any Black Friday deals this year? I would love to hear!

EG x


  1. You got so many amazing things! I love the ColourPop things you got, that lipstick looks absolutely beautiful and I'm glad to hear you like the formula too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. You picked up so many goodies Erin! I'm absolutely dying to make another colourpop order as I did one about a year ago now and loved everything I picked up. Kinda wish I'd made the most of black friday!

    Lucy | Forever September