Everything On My Playlist, November 2018.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

It honestly feels like years since I typed up a music post so today I thought I would return to basics and have a little chat with you all about what is currently on repeat in my ears since I am loving some groovy stuff lately that I can't wait to share.

If you hadn't already guessed from all the imagery of this post, I am currently loving The 1975 - although this is hardly unusual as they have been my most played artist on Spotify since forever. This goes up even more when they have new music out such as right now. I have been feeling very treated as they haven't just released one or two songs before their album comes out on 30th November (I am very excited for that!!), but a whole five songs. They seem to be getting better and better with each one too, as my favourite has to be the latest song, It's Not Living (If It's Not With You). It's such a classic 1975 song, thanks to those amazing guitar riffs.

I have also been listening to a new song from OneRepublic a lot - Connection. They never seem to disappoint me, and this new single is no exception. I love the lyrics and it is an awfully catchy tune too. I hope this means we're getting a new album on the way too because their last two, OhMyMy and Native are two of my favourites.

I was obsessed with the song Bear Claws by the band The Academic back in the summer, but when I saw Kate of Luxe Kate tweet about how good they are (I'm so jealous she saw them live!), I had to go and listen to some more music off their album. Definitely recommend giving them a listen as I am totally obsessed with the album right now - Different and Why Can't We Be Friends are two firm faves.

It has become super rare that I delve into the world that is chart music lately but I can definitely admit that Little Mix's new single Woman Like Me is a tune. I feel like I would be listening to it a lot more if it didn't feature Nicki Minaj (they seriously didn't need her), but it's classic Little Mix so what's not to like?  

Ellie Goulding returned a couple of weeks ago with Close To Me - I am the hugest fan of Ellie so it pains me to say this one disappointed me! It just isn't to my taste, but I am really hoping it's a bit of a grower. I'll just have to go back to her Delirium album to remember why I love her and wait it out for some new releases!

For more musical-updates from me make sure to check out my Current faves spotify playlist - which I think deserves extra points for the Chandler Bing quote I set as the photo!

What have you all been listening to lately? Taking all recommendations!

EG x


  1. Cannot wait for The 1975's latest album to come out at the end of the month. Their new songs have been so good! I managed to get tickets to see them in January too. Super excited!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I'm so excited for the 1975s new album to be released, I've loved everything they've bought out so far and I think my favourite is love it if we made it!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Same!! Love It If We Made it is also one of my faves, the message behind it is incredible, there's just something about It's Not Living (if it's not with you) that I absolutely love x

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