November In Review

Sunday, November 25, 2018

I haven't been posting one of these for every month this year, but November has been a pretty hectic, although exciting, month for me, and definitely one I want to be able to look back on. So today I thought I would sit down and reflect on the past month, what I've done and what I've been loving.

In November I have been....

Wearing all the darker lips

I did a post in late October about my favourite lip products for autumn, and ever since then I have been loving getting out the darker lipsticks and feeling incredibly autumnal. Two of my favourites of these are the ABH liquid lipstick in the shade Hudson, a gorgeous brown that seriously reminds me of freshly fallen leaves, and the Maybelline lipstick 'Erin', from their collection with Gigi Hadid last year. It still really excites me that their Erin shade is my all time favourite colour, a lovely burgundy that matches perfectly with my wardobe, and it's super long lasting too.

Celebrating my birthday

As you probably figured out once reading my '18 things I have learnt in 18 years' post, I turned eighteen this month which was really exciting. I never actually ended up posting a what I got for my birthday, simply because I just didn't get round to it, but I have been really enjoying the presents I receieved, including the Si perfume from Georgio Armani (I like to ask for a perfume for my birthday or Christmas each year and that was this year's choice), and an absolute surprise, the Tiffany bracelet which perfectly matches the necklace I got in New York in May.

Visiting Christmas Markets

I did actually manage to cover this one in a blog post - it was such a lovely day I really wanted something to look back on, but I have started getting into the festive mood by visiting Manchester's Christmas Markets around the time of my birthday. My local town also had their lights switch on the week after so it has actually been quite a festive time.

Receiving Uni Offers

I have now receieved four out of my five possible uni offers - one of my favourites of which I received on my birthday which was such an amazing surprise. I found out the other day I have been chosen to interview at Oxford which is incredibly exciting - in just over a weeks time now I will be there! It was something that really preoccupied my mind for a huge chunk of the month so, other than the excitement of finding out I'm going, it was a real relief to finally have that wondering off my mind.

Purchasing them Black Friday deals
I totally wish Black Friday was just that, black Friday, not an entire two weeks, but I was excited by some of the amazing deals on offer this year. Although something like 20% off Topshop is nothing to write home about (you can get this on student discount often enough), I've made a couple of orders from my favourite beauty brands who were doing amazing deals - you'll just have to wait until they arrive to find out what they are!!

Watching Strictly

I have really gotten into watching Strictly this year - long gone are the days when I was a die hard X Factor person, I can't even stand to watch that anymore and am a true Strictly convert. My fourteen year old self is incredibly excited to see Joe on the telly every week but I'm also rooting for Stacey to win - I'd love to hear who you're up for!

What have you been up to this month?

EG x


  1. It sounds like November has been an exciting month for you lovely, I'm glad you had a good 18th birthday too! Well done on the university offers as well, so exciting!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Such a lovely post! I've been embracing the darker lips too.
    Amber |

  3. It sounds like you've had such a great month! I really need to pull my darker lipsticks out, as I've been sticking with nudes, which is a shame as darker colours look stunning at this time of year xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush