Getting Festive At The Manchester Markets

Saturday, November 17, 2018

As part of my 'birthday weekend celebrations', I took a trip with my two best friends to Manchester to check out their Christmas markets. I had always wanted to visit some Christmas markets, and as Manchester is the easiest for me to get to, while everyone I ever talk to in college who's been seems to rave about them, I desperatey wanted to go this year.

It wasn't overly busy this weekend, as we went on the 11th November, the first official weekend of it being open - I imagine it gets a lot more packed as the festive season is properly upon us! I did feel like there was an absense of cake or any sweet desserts that I was hoping for - everywhere I turned just seemed to serve sausages or cheese, neither of which took my fancy!
Yet it was so fun to start off the festive season with a trip to the markets as it made me feel so Christmassy already. They are dotted all over the city, from right outside the Arndale, to Albert Square where I had lots of fun taking photos in front of the huge Santa on the town hall.

We also had a Pizza Express lunch, a classic birthday favourite of mine - or any time of year favourite, if I'm being honest - and I had to make a trip to Starbucks to try out their new Christmas range too! I tried out their Salted Caramel Brownie hot chocolate and muffin - it tasted so nice and weirdly festive! It was very sweet though so I can't imagine how anyone can drink more than a small! I was a little disappointed the Manchester Starbucks didn't have any of the reusuable red cups, but the stripy cup design they have gone for this year I really do love - I'm a huge fan of stripes, of course.

The Manchester Christmas Markets are open right now until the 22nd December. Will you be visiting any Christmas markets this year?

EG x

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