The Corduroy Obsession

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Hello corduroy, my old friend...

I have been obsessed with corduroy since about this time a year ago, when I purchased by burgundy fluffy-lined corduroy coat from Stradivarius. I wore it and wore it, and have continued to do so this time - it felt like a hug the first time I wore it this season, now it has started getting a bit chillier, I had seemed to have forgotten how cosy it is.

However, following on from my love of my coat last year, this year corduroy has appeared in shops everywhere in a big way, and I am certainly not complaining, so I thought I would round up some corduroy pieces you NEED for your wardrobe this season.

I had to begin my round-up with a cosy corduroy coat of some description - this one from Topshop ticked all the boxes. It looks so warm and the corduroy keeps it totally on trend. They do this in the rust, or if that's not for you, they also do it in a gorgeous baby pink, two colours that seem to be everywhere right now.

I saw these corduroy shirts on New Look's new arrivals section recently and I'm pretty sure I did a little squee of excitement. They offer it in a variety of colours - that's one thing I love about so many of my choices, there are often plenty of colour choices to suit everyone. The navy is my favourite, but the burgundy and the black are also really pretty too. I love how you could dress this up or down.

I've always been a blazer addict, and at this transitional time of year, they are pretty much a staple, while the corduroy fabric will add a little extra warmth. I'm obsessed with this & Other Stories black blazer - such a versatile piece! I'm pretty sure they do almost identical, more affordable versions of this in H&M too. 

I'm yet to own a pair of dungarees, but I do love this piece from Miss Selfridge. A whole burgundy piece could be a bit overwhelming for some people, but as myself, someone who literally lives in burgundy, it's such a dreamy outfit.

The button up A-line skirts have made a return this year, much to my excitement! I purchased a blue denim one from Miss Selfridge three years ago now and feel totally on trend with it this year. It seems to have had a bit of a corduroy renewal this season too, and I love this red skirt from Miss Selfridge. I've gone a bit red crazy this season (to the extent I purchased a pair of red trousers), so I am really loving this. However, if red isn't your thing, I love the navy option from Topshop.

My whole love of corduroy began when, a while ago, I saw some corduroy mom jeans in Urban Outfitters. They were utterly beautiful, but I just couldn't justify £55 for jeans, so Stradivarius have definitely answered my prayers! I knew I had to check them out since my own corduroy coat is from them, and I love their more affordable mom jeans - again they offer them in the totally on trend colours of rust and a blush pink.

Sticking with jeans, I've kind of fallen out with my skinny jeans right now, but I love the twist New Look have given them with these corduroy skinny jeans. Again, the colour range is insane - I love the more subtle and trustworthy black but they will definitely have something to suit you.

My final pick is a pair of trousers I have had my eye on for a while - to the point I wandered round my local New Look store on a mad hunt to find them, but unfortunately failed. The burgundy cropped corduroy trousers are so gorgeous and since burgundy is my absolute favourite autumnal colour, they are totally perfect for this time of year.

I was totally overwhelmed when searching for pieces for this post because there are simply SO MANY corduroy items around right now! There's definitely something to suit you out there, so I'd love to hear how you style it.

EG x


  1. I love these picks, especially the red skirt from Miss Selfridge! Great post x

    Shannon |

  2. I love the jacket!! Corduroy is so nice for autumn I need to find some more pieces xx

  3. I LOVE corduroy! I have 2 bags made of it: a tote bag and my backpack- it's so Autumnal and as mine are both black, they match with everything!! Also is that the Naked Heat palette in the photos - it's a personal fave of mine, I love the shade 'she devil'!

  4. I never thought I would want to wear corduroy but here I am and have just ordered some pants. I'm just obsessed with it right now.

  5. I bought a pink corduroy jacket recently and I can't wait for the weather to get a bit colder so I can wear it! Your burgundy one looks gorgeous! x

  6. Oh I love the pieces you picked!

    x Lisa |