Revolution First Impressions

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Revolution really does seem to be the brand to watch at the moment. They're affordable (a large bulk of their products cost less than a fiver), cruelty-free, and offer a huge variety of products - what started as a little makeup brand is now delving into the world of body products and skincare.

Even so, apart from my beloved contour palette from Revolution that truly has had good use out of, I have never really explored their brand in great depth, and came to realise I was seriously missing out. When they dropped their 'Revolution Pro' range a few months ago, with even higher quality than usual, and only a slight price increase than their main range, I honestly wanted to buy the whole collection straight away.

I am one to want to swatch products before I buy, so embarked on a search for the Revolution Pro range in Superdrug shops across the country. It was a strange search - the biggest cities I went to didn't seem to have it in, yet at my tiny local Superdrug I was greeted with a glorious stand packed full of Revolution Pro goodies.

I was instantly taken aback when I spotted the brow section the brand offers, and definitely got a little overly excited. I've mentioned on my blog before that I struggle to find a dark enough brow shade for myself in the drugstore - they only ever seem to offer blonde, light brown, and dark brown, which is always still too light and warm toned for my almost-black brows.

Whereas Revolution Pro seemed to offer the exact same range as Anastasia Beverly Hills, even down to the names. Just like my ABH Brow Wiz shade is 'Ebony', Revolution Pro offered a shade the exact same name too, so I figured it would work perfectly for my brows. I decided on a brow pomade, something I had never really tried before, and at only £5 I decided it was worth a go.

Application of the pomade seems extremely simple - you can just dip your brow brush into the pot and then apply to your brows. If I'm honest, it doesn't seem overly pigmented and I do have to work it into my brows quite a bit, but I reckon it will get more pigmented the further I get into the pot.

It really is the perfect shade for my brows, however, and that what I was most excited about from Revolution Pro - their shade range is very impressive, especially compared to the other high street brands.

Since I have never used a brow pomade before, I really have nothing to compare it to, so I am very tempted to pick up one of their brow pencils next time I'm in Superdrug to see if it rivals my beloved ABH brow wiz, at only a fraction of the price. But I am very happy with the pomade and can tell I'll be using it daily - I have a feeling it will last forever too.

Whilst at the Revolution stand I noticed they had in the hugely-hyped about lipsticks by Soph, in their beautiful rose gold and nude packaging. The three nude shades are all absolutely gorgeous, I could have easily picked them all up (believe me, I was tempted), but decided to limit myself to just one.

I chose Fudge, the darkest of the three, which appears really dark in the bullet, but upon swatching, I realised it was the perfect shade for me. It actually is very aptly named, I thought it was a real 'fudge' kind of shade, a gorgeous brown nude.

I really fell in love with this lipstick when I applied it to my lips. I wasn't sure what the finish would be like, but it is a lovely satin finish with the most beautiful sheen to it. It is super comfortable to wear throughout the day, and also is long-lasting which you wouldn't expect so much with such a creamy feel to the lipstick.

The lipstick feels so high quality, you would almost never believe it only costs £4! The packaging is so pretty and they have put so much detail into it, even the embossed 'Soph' logo on the bullet, a really pretty added touch.

Overall, yes, I'm definitely tempted to go and buy her other two lipsticks now, and check out the rest of what Revolution Pro has to offer! Have you tried Revolution products lately?

EG x


  1. I've been meaning to look into this range, as it seems to be incredible for the price range. I recently got one of the Soph lipsticks, and totally agree with you the formula is fab xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It is so fab! Definitely try it, so high quality for the price and the shade range of all the products is insane x

  2. This looks like such a fab brand! Your pictures are so beautiful and definitely make me want to pick up and try some of Revolution's products (if they sell them in the USA of course)!

    Megan Shea Campbell

    1. Ah thank you! I'm sure I spotted some when I was in the US actually, they worked out a little pricier than in the UK but I am sure still totally worth it! x

  3. Revolution has some amazing products! I haven't found one thing from them that I really disliked. I think the Sophx engraving is super sweet and just proves that you don't need to buy high end products to get that quality x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. It does! Absolutely, you wouldn't expect drugstore products to put so much detail into their products but I am super impressed with theirs x

  4. I never tried any of these products (only the original Soph's palettes) But I am super curious about them! I never used a brow pomade and I really didn't want to go for the splurge of ABH before knowing if I get well or not with the product.
    I'm really into trying out more products from the brand, specially now that they seem to focus into looking auper stable and launching great products!

    Wishing you all the best,

    1. Same! I am so glad I tried their pomade first before splashing out on the ABH one which I had been tempted to do for some time! x

  5. I am still yet to try the pomade from Revolution Pro but it sounds amazing, I also love the look of that lipstick shade! Lovely review!
    Grace xx

    1. Thank you so much Grace! Defo try out their brow range, could not recommend enough! x


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