June In Review

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

We're half-way through the year already?! I actually cannot believe how fast it has flown by!

I'm not one hundred per cent sure how I'm actually feeling about these 'favourites' style posts lately, for bloggers I feel like they're a bit like marmite, both to write and read, and although I do find them repetitive, I do love looking back on them at the end of the year. So, I'm going to continue for this year as I have got half way and they are a fun way to share a little bit of my life with you! So, here's what I have been loving in June.

B E A U T Y /

As I had a huge makeup haul this month, I certainly haven't been running low on new beauty products to love, therefore this section was difficult to narrow down! A firm favourite has to be my Colourpop highlighter in Flexitarian. I have used this every single time I have done my makeup this month which is definitely saying something! The glow it gives is absolutely insane - gorgeous yet natural, and I'm a huge fan. I honestly can't see myself shutting up about how much I love this highlighter any time soon, and I think an amazing highlighter is essential in the summer months!

My latest MAC lipstick purchase, Taupe, has also been a firm favourite. It was, believe it or not, my twelfth MAC lipstick addition to my collection - which is a little crazy! My favourite formula has to be their mattes, so I had no doubt I would love Taupe as much as my others, and I really do. It's a gorgeous brown nude with very subtle red undertones and I can really see it becoming one of my go-to shades.

M U S I C /

Without a doubt, my music favourite this month is 5 Seconds Of Summer and their new album Youngblood. I use the app last.fm to track how much I listen to music and they are well ahead at 108 plays this month (my next most listened to artist, The 1975 had 57 plays!). I am definitely more than a little obsessed with their latest release - you can bet I will be writing up a review of it really soon! However, for now, the tracks I have definitely been listening to the most are Valentine, If Walls Could Talk and Ghost Of You.

As I mentioned vaguely, I have also been listening to The 1975 a lot again - mostly because my most played track this month is their new song Give Yourself A Try. It's a bit different and at first, I wasn't sure how much I liked it (I definitely did, just I wasn't sure compared to their older stuff). But it has actually grown on me and the hook which I found a bit annoying at first I am constantly tapping away to.

T V /

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this one in last month's favourites but this month I finished the show Parks & Recreation which I enjoyed so much! You really wouldn't expect a show about a bunch of people working in the Parks & Rec department of a city to be so funny but Leslie Knope's character is just my fave. I was so sad when it finally came to an end at season 7; the finale was absolutely amazing though! The earlier couple of seasons 2-4 were definitely my favourite, but the later seasons were still good as I loved how the characters developed, especially April and Andy. Definitely a must-watch if you haven't before!

L I F E /

June has definitely been a month of going places for me! I began the month in New York which was the best trip ever, I have spoken so much about this already on my blog with a haul and photo diaries if you missed them, but it was truly incredible.

I have also been loving the warm weather this month! I finished college at the end of June so I'm really hoping it continues for a while - I find it too warm for me at times but I love summer outfits and not having to wear thick coats 24/7!

I've also started going to university open days this month which, although I find at times really overwhelming, I actually enjoyed them a lot more than I thought. I visited both Warwick and Oxford so far - the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Oxford and how pretty are their buildings?!

That's all for June! I would love to hear what you got up to in the comments - what show have you been watching this month? I need something new to watch now!

EG x


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely June! Happy July!

    Abbey Hearts xx


  2. We were in New York at the same time! How strange to think we could have possibly walked by each other and never knew. Love the shade of the Mac lipstick x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I am so excited to go to New York later this summer, and I love the look of that Colourpop highlighter, I really need to try it! Loved this post!
    Grace xx

    1. Grace you are going to LOVE New York!! Definitely try a Colourpop highlighter, amazing especially for the price! Thank you so much x

  4. Taupe is my first MAC lipstick and I absolutely adore it. Been wearing it everyday since I got it over winter break, It's the perfect everyday shade for me. Can't wait to expand my collection like you have done, would love to know what's in your collections and your favs.


    1. I have been wearing mine so much too, I love it! My MAC lipstick collection is honestly my pride and joy, I posted a collection post last year (which has since grown), but my favourites right now are definitely Velvet Teddy, Honey Love & Taupe x