The Dreamiest Eyeshadows Ever | ABH Modern Renaissance

Monday, July 09, 2018

For the best part of two years now, I had dreamt of owning Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance palette, due to the fantastic amount of hype it has receieved. When a product is raved about so much, you can't help but want it yourself to see if it really lives up to expectations, especially when the shades are right down your street.

I finally purchased it in New York last month - it worked out a fair bit cheaper over there and I really wanted to have a good swatch of it first rather than buying it straight online. So, for about a month I have had a good play around with the shades and decided it was finally time to reveal whether it lives up to the hype.

Let's start with the packaging - the lid is a gorgeous pink shade of fuzzy velvet, I am absolutely terrified of getting it dirty but it does look really pretty, especially with the ABH logo embossed in rose gold, a really pretty touch. You open up the palette to 14 gorgeous warm toned shades, including 11 mattes and 3 shimmers, which is a really good ratio in my opinion (although some of the mattes are more matte than others, if that even makes sense).

The palette was named modern renaissance because the eyeshadows were inspired by shades used by Renaissance artists, so I truly thank those artists for using such a beautiful colour selection! I feel like the palette is really versatile and boasts a bit of everything. The palette begins with a few beigey-orange mattes on its left side, the two 'Raw Sienna' and 'Burnt Orange' I have found to be amazing to blend into the crease. Speaking of them being inspired by Renaissance art, a lot of the shades sound more like paint shades than eyeshadow shades (as someone who does art myself) which is an interesting touch, I'm pretty sure I have a pencil called raw sienna somewhere too!

There are then two gorgeous shimmers in a column, vermeer and primavera, which I have fallen in love with using on the lid. Vermeer has to be my favourite of the two, it has a gorgeous champagne sheen and is so pigmented.

I also absolutely love the shade Buon Fresco, it's a kind of mauve shade that I have been after something like for ages, it's a really pretty matte. It doesn't really fit with the oranges of the palette but that just shows how versatile the palette is, it doesn't just create a single look.

The real stars of the show are the more colourful mattes, in my opinion, the 'Red Ochre', the orange 'Realgar', and my personal favourite, the pink 'Love Letter'. A hot pink matte eyeshadow sounds a little scary but it honestly has become my all time favourite shadows. It blends out like a dream and I love pairing it with the Red Ochre I mentioned earlier, they really are a match made in heaven. I like to blend them into the lid sometimes with a bit of 'Venetian Red', which I definitely can't class as a matte, perhaps it's supposed to be a satin? I honestly thought it was a shimmer until now.

The only shades I haven't particularly reached for yet are the two browns, both quite similar but one is a matte ('Cyprus Umber') and one is a shimmer ('Antique Bronze'). I'm really glad they have included a couple of browns as it does make the palette even more wearable and versatile, but with all the exciting reds and pinks to dip my brush into I just haven't gravitated that way yet. I think 'Cyprus Umber' will be perfect in creating a smokier look with this palette.

I love the little brush the palette includes as well, the stumpier end is perfect for popping a bit of shadow in your lower lashline. I love how pigmented these shadows are - there's a little more fall out than I'm used to but once I got used to it it really wasn't a problem. Each shade isn't huge, but they are so pigmented you really don't need to use a lot anyway. My favourite thing about the palette has to be how it is so easy just to use that palette on its own to create a look. I much prefer being able to use one palette rather than grabbing shades from a bunch of different palettes as I'm often strapped for time, so the Modern Renaissance is a dream on early mornings.

So, I've joined the hype, and can hands down say I understand why people call ABH's Modern Renaissance their favourite palette ever, it has easily become one of mine too. I couldn't recommend it enough - it's actually on sale with 30% of at Beauty Bay right now and if that won't persuade you I don't know what will! Make sure to join in the hype in the comments if you own it too, or let me know which other palette is your current favourite (I definitely don't need more eyeshadows right now but I am always curious!).

EG x


  1. Nice post! I got MR recently too and I love it. I haven't tried out all the shades yet but I hope to get around to that shortly.

    1. Thank you! Ooh yay! Make sure to let me know what your favourite shades are, I would love to hear! x

  2. Lovely post! You have no idea how much I want this palette but Anastasia Beverly Hills make so many that it's hard to keep up!

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

    1. Thank you so much! There is quite a few isn't there, but I feel like Modern Renaissance is the classic! x

  3. I am so desperate to try out this palette and you have definitely convinced me that I need it, loved this review!
    Grace xx

    1. Thank you so much Grace! Yes you definitely need it! Honestly couldn't suggest any better eyeshadows for you x

  4. I lobe this palette so much, it’s the most gorgeous thing ever 😍😍😍