New York Photo Diary | Part 2

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Feeling like I'm in Friends and walking until I can't feel my feet...

Make sure to read part 1 of my diary before this to read what I got up to on the first half of my trip to New York! 

After the busy days I had the first three days, we had no plans to slow down, as on the fourth day we walked up to the top of Central Park to go to the MET museum. Along the way I stumbled upon the Shakespeare statue which as an English Lit student it would be rude to not take a photo with (I am also obsessed with my stripy New Look trousers).

I had wanted to take a photo on the MET steps pretending I was in Gossip Girl but unfortuantely the weather had turned super rainy and blustery so it wasn't really possible. In all honesty I found the MET to be a bit of a disappointment, but on the way back we visited Ulta and Bloomingdales which certainly weren't.

That evening we went to the Hard Rock Cafe which was really good - although just like everywhere else we went, the portions were huge! After I came out we took some photos in Times Square, which was so much nicer on a weekday evening such as Thursday, rather than the weekend - still busy but not so overwhelming!

On the Friday came the longest walk yet. It started with a walk down the High Line to the Friends building, which of course I took loads of photos in front of and was actually one of my highlights of my whole trip, which I know is crazy as it's just a building but being a huge Friends fan it was a real delight.

We then carried on down Broadway and across to Brooklyn bridge, which had an amazing view but honestly I was so tired by this point. I don't think it helped that it was pretty much 30°c either! We stopped off at Grimaldi's pizza which was probably my favourite meal of the trip - a definite recommend, before walking back via the 9/11 museum. I walked over 13 miles on that day and was definitely glad to rest my feet once I got back to the hotel.

On my final full day we went up the Top Of The Rock. The view was definitely more impressive than the Empire State, as everyone says, because you can see Central Park at one side and the Empire state at the other.

We then went for a cheesecake lunch at Juniors, off Times Square. I had a chocolate mousse cheesecake which was amazing, although the size of it was insane!

Finally we remembered we wanted to visit the New York Public Library, so I went to with my mum while my dad and brother attempted to begin packing (using the word attempt very loosely). We only had about half an hour before it closed which was a shame as I could so easily have spent hours in there. The building was incredible and they had an amazing selection of books - I think I got a bit too excited when I found the history section in the Rose Reading Room. 

My New York journey had finally come to an end! The last thing I did before we left was take a photo in front of the Grace building - it's such a unique, curved shape, but most importantly, my middle name is Grace so I always wanted a photo in front of it. 

I would love to visit New York again one day, it was such an incredible experience and there are still so many things I would love to do there - unfortunately there were no shows that suited us all but next time I would make sure to see one for definite. 

Have you ever been to New York? I would love to hear of your experiences too, or things I should make sure to see if I ever go again! Make sure to read part 1 of my photo diary here

EG x


  1. Wow it looks absolutely amazing Erin and seems like you had an amazing time. I'd love to visit New York and hopefully I'll get to do that some day!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I hope you do, you would love it so much! x

  2. All your photos are amazing and the size of that cheesecake! The Top Of The Rock is one of the best views in the world, so incredible! Love your striped trousers as well!
    Kate Xx

    1. Thank you so much! The Top Of The Rock really was amazing x

  3. I've never been but it's definitely on the list - looks like such an incredible place to visit and I love all your photos, looks like you had an incredible time! :)

    Layla x