New York Photo Diary | Part 1

Saturday, June 16, 2018

'Welcome to New York,

it's been waiting for you...'

I played one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs, which seemed to fit the situation very well, as I entered New York, feeling possibly the most excited I have ever been. It was like that feeling when the band comes onto the stage at a concert, but instead with skyscrapers appearing at every angle.

*the hotel I stayed in, the Knickerbocker just off Times Square was such an impressive building, and I couldn't get lost as long as I followed the huge billboard of Anne Hathaway next to it!

We took a week long trip to New York, flying Sunday to Sunday, giving us six full days there. The first day, consisted of a walk up to the Natural History Museum. Staying just off Times Square, we walked up through Broadway as we went. It seemed like an incredibly long walk, possibly made worse by the fact I was starting to get a cold, but eventually we reached the museum.

I definitely tried to explore the museum 'Night In The Museum' style (why else would I have watched the films the week before I came), but although I wasn't expecting all the exhibits to come to life or anything, it did seem to lack a bit of the magic the film creates. We did find the big 'Dum dum' statue though which was probably what I ended up most excited about.

A walk back through Central Park (which I was actually disappointed by, I don't know if it was because it was heaving due to the memorial day or that I just felt really lost), lead to Fifth Avenue and my first taste at some of New York's shops. I had been planning on purchasing something from Tiffany's for a long time so I was delighted to leave that shop with a gorgeous necklace in a little blue bag.

The next day began early, to avoid the large queues going up the Empire State building. We got there about ten to nine which I think ended up about perfect - at half 10 when we were leaving it was starting to get busy. The views were incredible, I could even spot my hotel, right near the huge H&M tower.

I was also excited to find The Vamps along their wall of celebrities who have visited the building, so of course I couldn't resist a photo with them.

We then headed down towards the Flat Iron building which is such a unique build, primarily because my brother was desperate to get to the Lego shop right across from it, but also to stop off at Madison Square Park for lunch at their Shake Shack. I much prefer the smaller parks, such as Madison Park or Bryant Park near my hotel, than the large central park.

How could I go to New York and not visit Macy's? I bought some Anastasia Beverly Hills products in here, as I mentioned in my New York beauty haul.

Later in the day we visited Grand Central Station (where I tried to channel my inner Serena Van Der Woodsen but think I ended up just looking bored because my dad was spending forever in their Apple shop) before revisiting the Empire State at night. I would seriousy recommend the New York City Passes as, amongst huge savings it allows you to get into the Empire State at both day and night. However, I have to say going in the day was much better, both photography wise and the queues at night were crazy. Seeing all the lights was gorgeous though.

My third day included a river cruise which I honestly really enjoyed as after being so busy the past couple of days it was so nice to just be able to sit and take in the views for an hour and a half. We went past the Statue Of Liberty which was amazing and I have about a million photos in my camera roll of - I tried to do one of those holding the landmark photos but ended up looking confused.

We visited the Intrepid museum after that which I didn't take a huge amount of photos of because it was largely planes, which my dad and brother really enjoyed but I mostly enjoyed the warm weather. We then walked back through some Times Square streets, and our evening trip was to the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park which was really pretty in the evening with its lights - however I had forgot my jacket not realising it had got a lot cooler than earlier in the day and was freezing!

The second half of my trip will be up tomorrow! I decided to split the post into two so it wasn't crazy long, so make sure to come back tomorrow to read about my incredibly long walk to Brooklyn and back and going up the Top of The Rock.

EG x


  1. I'm so jealous! New York looks absolutely amazing, I bet you had an incredible time. Your photos look great too! x

    Rachel |

  2. I’ve been looking forward to reading this, New York is truly the best and your photos are incredible!! I went last year and also found Central Park to be a disappointment! Your attempt of holding the Statue of Liberty made me chuckle, I have a weird addiction to taking them with landmarks, still trying to get the perfect one...!!!
    Kate Xxx

    1. Ah thank you! I'm so glad it made you laugh, I did as well at how much of a fail it ended up! I seriously was disappointed by Central Park, it gets so much hype but I felt really lost! x

  3. It looks amazing! I’d love to go to New York, your photos are great!!

    Molly |

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you would love it there x

  4. I’ve been looking forward to these photos!! I love them, I’m so so jealous xx

  5. seeing all these photos makes me miss New York so much! your photos are incredible and I love the one of all the skyscrapers below X

  6. We literally did so many things the same, it's pretty crazy! And our hotels were like a block away from each other!! This is making me miss NYC and the big bright lights :(

  7. That is so crazy, I can't believe we were there at the same time and your hotel was so close! I miss it so much already too x