New York Beauty Haul

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Welcome to the biggest beauty haul to date on my blog, and possibly the biggest one I will ever do! Visiting New York, of course I couldn't resist exploring the beauty brands they have on offer in shops like Ulta and Sephora, especially as everything is either cheaper there or not even sold in shops in the UK. I had been saving for months for this and hadn't bought any makeup at all since my little Sephora first impressions in France, so I was so ready to pick up some new products to play with.

I was hoping to get this post up a little earlier but unfortunately what with going back to college after the half term, being jetlagged and my phone almost losing all my photos for this post - meaning I couldn't get them edited for a few days - it has had to be delayed a little bit! But from now on, now that college is a bit less busy, I will be going back to my usual Saturday and Wednesday uploads I am very happy to say. Onwards with the haul, I have a lot to get through!

The first place I picked a couple of products up was actually when I was in Macy's, as these were products I knew I just had to buy, from Anastasia Beverely Hills. The first of which is the gorgeous Modern Renaissance palette, which I have been wanting for the longest time, but waited as it is a lot cheaper to buy in America. It's such a perfect palette, full of gorgeous warm red and orange tones, and as I tried it for the first time yesterday (I wanted to wait until I had time to properly use it), I was spoilt for choice and didn't know which shades to begin with!

I also picked up another ABH Brow Wiz pencil in the shade Ebony, I bought my first of these in France about three months ago but it ran out just before I went to New York, so I took the opportunity to buy another one as I love it so much. I was super disappointed at how quick it ran out though for how much it costs - I had a look in Boots and Superdrug the other day at their brow products for a cheaper alternative but every brand always seem to offer about three shades, none dark enough for me! So I'm going to have to stick to my beloved Brow Wiz for now.

Somewhere I was really excited to explore was Ulta - it was a long walk from where I was staying on a rainy day, but probably one of my highlights of the trip, I'm not exaggerating. Being able to look at proper Colourpop and Morphe stands was such a delight! Since Colourpop shipping to the UK often works out more than the product, I had only been able to dream of their products until now, so made sure I tried out a bit of everything they had on offer.

I had to make sure to try one of their liquid lipsticks, so chose the lightest shade available as I felt it was very fitting with my trip, the shade 'Times Square'. It's a gorgeous browny nude that I can tell I will use a lot, especially at $6.50! I also wore it through a whole Hard Rock Café meal and it had not budged, so I was very impressed!

I also picked up a couple of their eyeshadows in Set To Sun, a pinky shimmer with blue glitter, it looked so unique I had to have it, and Lightning Bug, a brown - I actually thought I picked up a lighter shade but instead got this one by accident, but I'm not complaining as it is equally gorgeous! I can't believe how pigmented their shadows are and can't wait to use them. I also got a highlighter in the shade Flexitarian, which is so pretty, I was after a really nice powder highlight and at $8 I am more than happy with it!

I then went over to the Morphe stand and after looking at all their palettes and dithering over whether I should just get a small one, I bit the bullet and got the 35O, as that was the palette I had been dreaming after for so long so why not get it? It is the biggest eyeshadow palette I have ever seen and it is so gorgeous and wearable, I am super excited to use it.

I also picked up a couple of their eye brushes as I really wanted to try some out, the M433, and the M514, which is actually the perfect dupe for the MAC 217, which I almost got, but compared it to this one and decided I really didn't need it for that extra money! I can't wait to use them, and I think they were $6 which I simply couldn't resist.

Speaking of MAC, how could I not end up getting a MAC lipstick while I was in Bloomingdale's? Especially as they are so much cheaper in the US, I just had to, so I have welcomed my 12th shade, the matte Taupe into my collection. I also picked up a mini pigment in the shade Melon because I really want to try more of their pigments and this shade looks gorgeous.

My final little bits and pieces were a few products I picked up in Sephora. I really wanted to try Stila's liquid eyeshadows for the longest time, and instead of just picking one for $24, I ended up going for the set of three mini sizes for $25, as then I would get to try out three different shades and probably won't get through a full sized one anyway! The shades included are Rose Gold Retro (my fave), Kitten Karma and Smoldering Satin. I just think these are going to look so pretty as an all over lid shade!

I also picked up the Too Faced chocolate matte bronzer - like highlighter, I had also been after a good bronzer, and decided on this one. It was really between Too Faced and ABH as I loved how big the ABH pans were, but all their shades seemed a bit too orange, whereas Too Faced's bronzer is perfect for my skin tone and I can't wait to use it.

The final product I bought on the trip was from Tarte. I really wanted to buy something from Tarte as you can't get their products in the UK, so I decided to go for something I know I will love, which is of course a lipstick. I chose the shade Colada, a brown nude which I can't wait to try and I am sure will become one of my go-to shades!

So there you have it - the biggest haul I have ever done! I am sure I will end up posting about my non-beauty items I purchased soon on my blog and also hopefully full reviews of some of these products, so make sure to keep an eye out for those! I am also planning to post a New York photo diary as I took a lot of photos - it will mean sorting and editing a lot of photos though, I took almost 700! 

Have you bought any new beauty products recently?

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  1. I’m so jealous of everything you bought!! I’ve never tried Colourpop but I love the shade of the liquid lipstick and the eyeshadows, so gorgeous and so affordable! I own one Morphe brush and love it so these two brushes are definitely catching my eye! Love your photos and can’t wait to read some more nyc posts!!
    Kate Xxx

  2. Ugh, when are we going to get Ulta or Sephora over here! It's killing me! I love all the bits you bought. Btw- you can buy Colourpop products on - I've bought a liquid lipstick trio from there before. And you can get some (granted, but not all) Tarte products on . I've just ordered the stick foundation from there, and have previously bought the Tarte toasted palette! x

    Rachel |

  3. Wow this is such an amazing haul, you picked up so many good products. I really want the anastasia modern renaissance palette!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. You bought such nice makeup! I'm getting ABH Modern Renaissance soon, my aunt is bringing it home from the US for me and I'm looking forward to diving into the pinks and oranges.

  5. Such beautiful items. I feel like the only one who doesn't own any of the Anastasia palettes and Colourpop!