Colourpop Faves

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

One of the beauty brands I was most excited to try some products of while I was in New York was definitely Colourpop. I had heard so many raving reviews of their products, while they are also super affordable, so what's not to love? I picked up two of their super shock eyeshadows, a highlighter and a liquid lipstick and thought I would share my thoughts about them all with you.

I chose the liquid lipstick in 'Times Square' as it was super fitting since I was in New York, but it was also the lightest shade in their collection. I've found that liquid lipsticks are generally quite dark and therefore I own quite a few darker shades and not enough everyday nude shades. 'Times Square' is still fairly on the darker side, I would describe it as a muted brown shade, but it's just about a nude.

It was only $6.50 which would obviously make you question the quality but it definitely lived up to the hype for me - the quality is definitely up there with my favourite high-end liquid lipsticks. It dries straight away and lasts a crazy long time - as I mentioned in my haul, whilst in New York, I wore it to a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe and it hadn't rubbed off at all by the time I came back. I am super impressed with it and couldn't recommend enough!

The second item I picked up was a highlighter, or what they call one of their 'super shock cheek's in the shade 'Flexitarian'. I had been after a good powder highlight since that is a real gap in my collection, and I am so glad I ended up picking this one for only $8 as I was so tempted beforehand to get a $40 Anastasia Glow Kit - I'm glad I didn't for now as the Colourpop highlight is insane!

I was so impressed by its pigmentation - I generally apply with a brush and then use my finger, as they suggest, on areas that I really want to pop (just right at the top of my cheekbones). I'm so glad I chose my shade as well as it's a real 'your skin tone but glowing' kind of shade for me, meaning it looks so natural.

I also picked up two of their Super shock eyeshadows. Now, I can't even remember the last time I bought a single eyeshadow before these, mostly because I love palettes so much I don't even reach for single shadows, but these are so good I am going to make sure I reach them.

The first of the two shades I got was Set To Stun. I thought it was sun, not stun until I was just taking my photos somehow, probably because it gives me real sunset vibes. It is a gorgeous pinky-purple shimmer with blue reflects in it, which is mostly why I chose it as I just think it is a really unique shade. I've worn this all over the lid a couple of times because it works really well with the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and it is truly stunning.

My other shade is Lightning Bug, which I actually didn't realise I picked up until I got back to the hotel - it was in the place of a much lighter, champagne shade which I meant to pick up! But not to worry, as I ended up falling in love with this one instead! I was just super glad it was a brown rather than one of the daring blues or something. I actually don't use a lot of brown shimmers much nowadays but this one is so pretty I had to make an exception. It compliments so many looks and, just like the highlighter, is SO pigmented.

I ventured out into my garden today and took advantage of the 30 degrees temperature to take some photos today so I hope you like the change of scenery! Have you ever tried Colourpop products before? I would love to hear your thoughts as always!

EG x


  1. These photos are so so gorgeous, I love the summery vibes of them!! I’ve never tried Colourpop however I’d love to as it looks incredible. All these shades are so stunning! I love the highlighter and the Times Square lippie is so suited for your trip!!
    Kate Xx

    1. Thank you! They are so different to my usual style so I am really glad you like them. The highlighter is insane, I couldn't recommend it enough! x