How To: Take The Perfect Flatlay

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

As I have been attempting to get better at Instagram lately, I'm often asked how I take my blog photos, so I have decided to compile all the tips I have learnt over the years for you. Now, I don't consider my photos perfect at all, far from it! I'm no expert, however, I'm always trying out new ways to improve my photography, especially as lately I have started to feel a bit more confident about my blog photos.

Natural Lighting Is The Key

Starting with the basic point - natural lighting will always do your blog photos wonders. I always take my photos next to a big window, anywhere like this where you're getting natural lighting onto your surface is essential. Don't put pressure on yourself to take perfect blog photos when the sky is particularly dark and gloomy - it just won't happen! I also find my blog photos can look too shadowy if it's a really sunny day, so I'll wait a few hours until the sun inevitably hides away again. A clear, whiteish sky is what I find actually works best - typical British conditions too!

Nothing Fancy Is Necessary

I have always used my phone (iPhone 6S, if you're wondering) for blog photography, and if I had the chance to upgrade to a fancy camera, I probably would stick with my phone anyway! It is just so convenient to take the photo and be able to edit it straight away on my phone. Plus I love how your phone camera is just so simple to use - features on iPhones nowadays make focusing on the tiniest details such as a mascara wand an easy enough task! I also love how I can quickly switch into the square mode to take a couple perfect for Instagram.

Edit all the photos the same way

It may be called having a 'theme', which can often be viewed as a bit of a chore, but simply using the same filter on every single photo can make all the difference. I use a filter called 'Fade', which used to be one of the iPhone filters until they all changed with an update, so I now use the app ProShot to apply it! I have used it consistently for over a year now and I just feel it makes my photos come together nicely, and also adds a touch of me.

Take Photos In Bulk

I've learnt, particularly after doing Blogmas, that it's so much easier taking a couple of post's worth in advance because not only does it mean the posts will look a bit more cohesive and match on your Instagram as you promote each one, it gets it over with while the lighting is good and you feel organised!

Play Around With Angles

I like to take several photos, each of the exact same flatlay, but with a slightly different angle, then go through them and decide which one is best! It can sometimes make a lot of difference if the angle is slightly different.

Get Yourself In The Photo

I love doing this when I'm writing a review about something such as a lipstick - pick it up with one hand and then photograph with the other! I just feel like there's something a bit more personal with myself holding up the product and it also means you can get a really good view of the product in your photo!

Magazines are the perfect prop

To add texture, I can't live without magazines in my blog photos now! They're so affordable as you can reuse them again and again and I'm often buying them anyway - being able to use them in my photos is an added bonus! They not only add a bit of texture but add some colour, which if you match the colour scheme of the page to your products, it can really make a photo come together.

Rings Fill Dead Space

Another prop I swear by is adding a couple of rings here and there to fill up some empty space in your photo. Again, you can pick these up really cheap, they don't have to be anything fancy at all, and just help to fill up your photo.

If you're bored, change up your style

After taking so many blog photos for blogmas in the exact same style, I was fed up of my usual way of taking photos, so in the new year I changed them up a bit, taking them next to a wall, using more magazines and sometimes making them a bit more minimal. If you feel like you're stuck in a rut with your photos, changing them up the slightest bit can make the hugest difference.

Practice makes perfect!

I can't stress this point enough! If you look back to your photos from a year ago, or maybe even your very first flatlays, you will be able to tell how much you have improved! Likewise, in a years time, you will be able to look back at the photos you take today and spot huge improvements. Taking blog photos is a constant learning game and you must remember that. Don't get disheartened, it has taken me such a long time to finally feel somewhat happy with my photos, and even now I have days when I think they look a complete mess and have to reshoot! Practice taking photos and over time you will improve loads.

I hope this has helped with taking flatlays either for Instagram or your blog and make sure to comment below any extra questions you may have! I would also love to hear your top tip for taking flatlays too, as I am always learning!

EG x


  1. I also take ally blog photos from my phone! Bulk photography has helped so much and saves so much time! These are great tips.

    Candice |

  2. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to blog photography! I'm still not a 100% happy with the photos I take, but I know that within time I do get closer to that stage where I am xx

    Lauren |

  3. Taking blog pictures is definitely an art form, it takes up so much time but when they turn out nice, it's worth it. I still don't think I've mastered it.