The Cool Toned Palette Of Dreams | Naked Smoky

Thursday, February 15, 2018

When I heard that Urban Decay's Naked Smoky palette was becoming discontinued, I immediately realised how much I needed it in my collection. It seems you never notice how much you need something until it's almost unavailable! Luckily, after a few hints about how I needed it now before it was too late, my mum managed to get me it for Christmas and I have loved staring at the shades excitedly ever since.

As a warm-toned eyeshadow addict (the Naked Heat is seriously my best friend), it's definitely a bit of a wonder why I'm so excited about this palette that is packed full of blue and grey hues. I was certainly looking forward to branching out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new. The Naked Smoky is so different to all my other eyeshadow palettes and this definitely made me feel a bit less guilty about getting yet another palette.

Opening up the palette you are greeted with twelve gorgeous shades, which range from shimmer to satin to matte - in that order, I love how the palette is organised because it makes it a bit easier to put together a look when they're all grouped in formulas. The first three: High, Dirtysweet and Radar, are really gold/brown toned, so of course on first use, these were the shades I opted for, as I was used to shades like these so particularly drawn to them. The formula of the shimmers is lovely, they're plenty pigmented and have a lovely sheen to them. I especially love the shade High because it's a gorgeous highlight - I may have even used it on the cheekbones once or twice because of the amazing glow it gives.

I then started branching out to the cooler shades in the middle of the palette. Armour is a really pretty silver shimmer that works really well all over the lid for a sparkly cool look. I also really like the satin shades Black Market and Smoulder - Smoulder is really quite purple toned and I think it makes it quite unique, and workable with any plum shades I have too in the rest of my collection. Black Market is quite blue toned and blends out really nicely.

The palette includes four mattes which are really the perfect amount for this palette I think. Password and Whiskey are really lovely to blend out in the crease for a smoky look. Of course, the name of the palette is smoky so that's the aim of the game with this one, and with those two shades, it couldn't be any easier. Combust would also work well as a transition shade, then finally Thirteen is a perfect matte highlight. The only thing missing I think, is a real grey toned matte like Magnet in the Naked Ultimate Basics - but I suppose if you have that palette too, that shade in particular works very well with the smoky.

I love the brush the palette comes with, a bit different to the other Naked palettes with an end perfect for creating smoky looks. I find especially useful the little guide the palette comes with as well, making it the perfect palette for smoky beginners or anyone who needs a little inspiration.

When it comes to lip shades to pair the palette with, I like to save all my warm-brown tones for when doing a warm look and get out the more cool, purple toned lip options. Something nude and subtle is perfect when you've got so much going on with the eyes, so I find Stila's Baci liquid lipstick the perfect finish to the look.

Make sure to pick up your Naked Smoky palette before they're all gone from stores forever! There's a few left in some shops such as Feel Unique and Debenhams - you'll regret it if you don't have this smoky selection in your collection! Are you a cool toned eyeshadow lover, or do you prefer to stick to warm tones?

EG x


  1. I didn't realise that Urban Decay were going to discontinue this palette?! Good job I have it in my collection. I love the gold shimmers in this palette x
    Amber |

    1. I know I was so disappointed when I found out! Same, they are stunnning! x

  2. I own the naked 2 but this palette looks so much like the type of colours I like to wear on my eyes !!!
    Love it.

    PS : I love laland and Harry Style too let's be bff


    1. I also own the Naked 2 - I loved it so much I knew I would love the Smoky too! Ahh that is amazing, of course! x

  3. I sadly don't own any UD palettes! They smokey one you have looks amazing for creating smokey looks.

    Candice |

    1. They are my absolute favourite - you definitely need to try them! x

  4. What a great review! I loved that you also listed the lip options to pair the palette with. I've only got the UD Naked 3, but this one looks gorgeous xx

    Lauren |