Which Urban Decay Naked Palette Is Right For You?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

As Urban Decay's infamous Naked palettes are my absolute favourite eyeshadows of all time, I can't recommend them enough! They blend like a dream and are super pigmented while offering an amazing range of shades. However, that can often be the problem - which Naked palette is right for you?

Since I own all of the palettes (well, my mum owns the 3 so that counts) apart from the original Naked palette, I hope I can help sway your decision towards the one most suitable for you! Especially if it's your first Naked palette, you can feel a bit spoilt for choice, so hopefully this will provide more of an idea of what you are after.

The Original Naked Palette - for warm neutral lovers.

Now this is the one palette of the collection I haven't tried - but one of my close friends absolutely loves it and told me I need it so I'm sure that statement won't stay true forever! Since this was the original, it includes a gorgeous range of both mattes and shimmers, mostly ranging on the brown toned side, apart from the much more grey toned gunmetal at the end. This is one for the more neutral lovers, and probably worth passing if you already own a lot of brown eyeshadows. If you don't, I think you'd get a lot of use out of it!
Stand out shades: half baked (it's in the 2 as well), naked (an essential matte), toasted (a to-die-for shimmer)

The Naked 2 Palette - for cool neutral lovers.

The two (pictured above) was my first of the twelve-shade Naked palettes, so always holds a place in my heart for that! It is quite a crossover from the original palette really, I remember being in the shop and deciding I prefered the second one, and is probably why I don't own the first one because they are fairly similar. The biggest difference is this one's more on the cool side, the transition shade Tease is much cooler. There are only three matte shades with this palette which is probably its biggest downfall, but if you're a lover of shimmers then it is perfect because of the gorgeous selection of shimmers it boasts.
Stand out shades: Chopper (it's so sparkly and beautiful), Verve (one of my all time favourite eyeshadows, a gorgeous highlight), YDK (a go-to all over lid shimmer!)

The Naked 3 Palette - for rosy tone lovers.

The third palette is where things start getting a little more unique and exciting. It's definitely not for someone who would be put off by rosy-pink tones, but they are actually really wearable and work lovely together. The shimmers are gorgeous and I do love a dusky rose matte pink so if that's something you'd like to try out I'd suggest this one. I probably would have got this one way back if I didn't already love my Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette (but as you'd expect, Urban Decay are a lot more pigmented!), so if you don't own anything rosy toned and you're into that I'd definitely say it's an essential.
Stand Out Shades: Trick (it's a gorgeous, almost rose gold), Nooner (got to love a matte dusky pink!), Blackheart (the shimmer in this is so unique).

The Naked Smoky - for cool lovers.

Unfortunately, the Smoky is being discontinued and you can only get it in very select places right now, which was why I was so happy to receive it for Christmas, however I thought I would still include it as it is part of the collection. I really wanted it as it is so different from what I already own and the blue toned shimmers are so exciting! I love how the palette is set out from shimmer to satin to matte, making it really easy to use, and comes with a little how-to guide so even if you're not too experienced with smoky looks it will be a doddle. I recently noticed the brush it comes with is also shaped more for a smoky look which really comes in handy!
Stand Out Shades: Armor (silver and sparkly), Black Market (so unlike everything else and beautifully blendable), Password (the perfect matte to smoke out a look).

The Naked Heat - for burgundy lovers.

Out of all the Naked palettes, if I had to choose my favourite it would undoubtedly be the heat. Partly because of how much I love burgundy, partly because of how many mattes there are (7 mattes, 5 shimmers!), partly because of how pigmented the shimmers are. I've gone full depth into how much I love this palette but it really is my favourite because to say it's so warm toned, it's really versatile. If you love warm tones as much as I do, it really doesn't get much better than the Naked heat.
Stand Out Shades: He Devil (stunning, blendable red matte), Scorched (possibly my all time favourite shimmer? SO PIGMENTED!), En Fuego (the perfect burgundy matte).

The Naked Basics 1 & 2 - for travel lovers.

Whether you prefer warm neutrals or cool neutrals is really the deciding factor of whether you'd prefer the first or second basics palette respectively; personally I prefer the second option because there seemed to be a greater difference between each shade? The Naked Basics 2 was the first ever Urban Decay palette I ever bought and opened me into a world of incredibly pigmented eyeshadows. They are perfect if you want a smaller palette, as they only have 6 shades rather than twelve, and if you are often travelling because they're a really nifty palette to fit into your bag.
Stand Out Shades: from Naked Basics 1 - W.O.S (perfect to sweep on everyday), Crave (a matte black is an essential), from Naked Basics 2 - Frisk (used this as a transition shade for a long time!), Cover (a great matte brown).

The Naked Ultimate Basics - for matte lovers.

The Naked Ultimate Basics wins the best packaging hands down for me - how pretty is the rose gold lid? If you're a lover of all things matte then this is the one for you, or alternatively if you feel like you don't own many mattes to go along with your shimmers this one is also great to have. I feel like it really is what it says on the tin - the ultimate basics, and you really can't go wrong with it! There's a selection of both cool and warm toned mattes so it suits any look. They all blend out so well and I think that if you are a serious eyeshadow lover, it's an essential for your collection.
Stand Out Shades: Commando (I use this as my transition shade almost all the time), Instinct (really unique, mauve toned matte), Extra Bitter (I have a real place in my heart for this shade, can't rave about it enough!).

From left to right - 2, 3, smoky, heat!

So to sum it all up, for warm neutrals, choose the first naked palette, whereas cool neutrals are best with the Naked 2. If you're looking for rosy tones, go for the naked 3. Cool, smoky shades will be found in the Naked Smoky, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, super warm toned shades are in the Heat. If you're after a gorgeous selection of mattes, the Ultimate Basics is your go-to, but if you're wanting a super cute travel palette, go for the Naked Basics 1 or 2!

If you have already tried any of the Naked palettes, I'd love to hear which one is your favourite, or alternatively which one you're thinking of getting!

EG x


  1. I don't have them all but up until recently I was keen to get my hands on the original. Loved the look of smokey but I wouldn't have been able to get much use out of it. When Naked Heat was released, I couldn't help myself and I absolutely love it. 💖

    1. I know I definitely think the Smoky isn't one for the day to day but it's beautiful! Yes, my favourite is defo the Heat! x

  2. All the palettes looks so beautiful next to each other! I have the smokey palette and the ultimate basics palette. I dont use them as much as I'd like too.. I know so many people love the Naked heat palette!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  3. This was a super informative post! I only one the Naked Basics, Naked Basics 2, and the Naked Smokey Palette! I've always wanted the original naked palette, but ended up getting some too faced chocolate palettes, which had extremely similar shades. I've gotten so many new palettes in 2017 that if I were to get any of them now, it would have to be the Naked Heat palette! Great post xxx

    Melina | www.ivefoundwaldo.com

    1. Thank you! I think if you have similar palettes to the original Naked it's probably not as worth getting, the Naked Heat definitely is though! To say there's lots of warm toned palettes on the market it's still very unique and by far my favourite x

  4. Wow these palettes look amazing. I haven't tried any UD palettes yet.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. Such a bloody good post idea! Loved reading this xx

  6. I have had all of these palettes apart from the original but I definitely have my go-to Urban Decay favourites :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  7. I've never had any Urban Decay Palette because where I live they're so expensive (approximately $100)
    Loved the post xx