Hello 2018

Monday, January 01, 2018

Welcome to 2018! It feels a little weird describing something I did yesterday as last year, but it's true isn't it?!

I have certainly been more organised at some points the year than others when it comes to my blog, but my biggest goal I set myself in 2017 was to complete Blogmas and post 24 days in a row in December. I knew it would be a challenge but I really enjoyed it and am so glad I did it. It has really regenerated my love of blogging and has made me even more determined to blog this year.

Numbers wise my only real goal was to hit 2500 Twitter followers which I was really proud to have managed by June. Gaining over 2000 followers on Twitter this year is something I'm really proud of and also hitting over 1000 followers on Bloglovin'. I really want to work on Instagram this year and see if I can finally hit over 1000 on there, but I just don't enjoy it like Twitter and it always feels like a bit of a chore, what with its super annoying algorithm! We'll see how it goes.

I'm really happy that I became self-hosted on my blog this year, I've gone from itseverythingerin.blogspot.co.uk to everythingerinx.co.uk and feel a lot more dedicated to my blog. I also won Best Music Blog at the Teen Blogger Awards which I still can't believe and did my first sponsored post which I am really proud of.

Something I really want to do in 2018 is stick to a schedule, since that's something I really tried to do last year - not too successfully! I have always attempted a Monday & Thursday schedule, however since I got my college timetable this year and those days are my most tiresome, it was doomed so I'm going to try posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays this year and see if it works out any better!

A big goal I have for this year is to comment on more blogs and share the love more in the blogging community. Compared to 2016, this year I have felt a bit lost in the blogging community and I really want to make a greater effort to let you know if I love your photos, tweets or posts! I'm definitely going to try and discover a lot more blogs while reading all my current favourites. I'm so appreciative of the lovely blogger friends I have got closer to this year and I hope to continue to chat to all of you into this year!

So this post seems to have been a mega ramble; but it's always good to write one of them every now and again isn't it? I feel really content with how far I have come with my blog this year and want to say a huge thank you to you reading this post right now! Without you I wouldn't have been able to come so far and I am so grateful for every read and follow I have. I hope you have a lovely 2018, and would love to hear in the comments something you have achieved in the last year!

EG x


  1. Hey! I love your post, you've had so many great achievements this year!I don't think you'll remember me because unlike you, I've neglected my blog for over a year and just didn't keep up with it- but I ran Magenta Tulip which I've now renamed to Molly Bee. I think I used to read a lot of your posts and I came back recently and I love the fact you kept it going consistently! I love your blog! I'm already following you from a few years back haha! Looking forward to seeing your posts this year! Molly xx

    (P.S. if you fancy checking out my blog here's the link: https://mollybumblebee.blogspot.co.uk/ - but I genuinely wanted to tell you how fab your blog is and that I was a reader from back in 2015 aha! Hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve!)

  2. I love this! Well done on your goals and achievements. My blogging goal this year is to also stick to a schedule and comment more! X

  3. You’ve smashed 2017! I have loved seeing you and your blog grow and I know that 2018 is going to be amazing for you!