How To Successfully Take Blog Photos In Winter

Monday, December 11, 2017

Winter can be a difficult time for blogging, not just because the dark skies seem to suck any motivation out of me, but also because taking blog photos becomes the most difficult task in the world. This season is often made easier with better equipment, but whether you are using Panasonic's best CSC Camera, or something as simple as your phone camera, I'm going to try and solve your winter worries and compile some tips to help you out with taking blog photos this season!

Take photos in bulk

If it's a sunny day and you're not sure when the next one is going to be, my best tip is to take as many blog photos for your upcoming posts as possible. I always try and make sure to get all the posts of the week photographed the weekend before so it doesn't get to Thursday night, at 5pm once I'm home, the sun has already set and there's no way I'm going to get the post up because I forgot to take the photos when it was sunny.

Natural Lighting Is Your Frenemy

Natural light will make your photos much crisper and brighter than artificial lighting, but it can also be a pain when it isn't bright enough. Make the most of when natural light is being kind by taking photos in bulk, as I said in my last point. It's much better to take photos in natural light when it's out, instead of rushing in an evening when the sun has already set. Saying that, you can't always rely on natural lighting this season, so a softbox or other artificial lighting can really help too.

Try different backgrounds

Although a white background can help make a photo look brighter, it can often have the reverse effect, looking more dull and blue because it's difficult when to make sure the white background actually shows up white on a gloomy day. Getting creative with your backgrounds - using props like magazines, or fabrics, can help to balance the brightness out and will help to make editing a little easier later on.

Use Editing Apps To Brighten

As I mentioned editing, my favourite app of all to brighten up your photos is Snapseed. I swear by the selective tool to brighten and decontrast my background to make it less blue-toned, which a duller sky always seems to do to it!

Try Different Angles

When taking photos of, for example, a lipstick, try different angles that may catch the light better. Rather than taking all your flatlays from a birds-eye view, taking some close up, further away or more straight on may work better for you and make it easier to capture the product. Holding up the product to the camera is always a favourite of mine because I love how it blurs out the background a bit - so it doesn't matter if you're background is a bit gloomy!

Use Some Festive Props

Especially if you are taking part in Blogmas, or simply writing any festive posts this season, using some Christmas decorations as photo props adds a huge difference, making your photos feel so much more excitingly festive. I've been using tinsel a lot because of the pretty colours and reflections it gives. Getting a bit of Christmas paper in your background would also be another cost-effective and pretty idea!

What tips help you out when taking blog photos in winter?
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