What I Got For Christmas 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

I feel like 'what I got for Christmas' posts are a little like marmite, but for me, I love reading them - not just because I'm nosey but because they provide so much inspiration too. I also love writing my own to reflect on each year, so today (for my final post of 2017!!) I've decided to share with you what I received this year. I'm not going to list every single thing - most things I've photographed, but instead chat about a few of my favourites.

The one thing I really asked for this Christmas, and was really excited that I received, was a record player. I've always been one to collect physical CDs (of which I have such a collection) so I have wanted to start collecting vinyls and get a record player for ages. I love this one by Goodmans because it's so pretty in the white and rose gold! I also receieved a couple of vinyls - X by Ed Sheeran from my parents and Niall Horan's Flicker from my Auntie. My mum chose X because she knew it's an album I've always loved (it really is my favourite Ed Sheeran album) and I have also been loving Niall's new album.

Something I was not expecting from my parents was the Gucci Bloom perfume. It has such gorgeous packaging, really unique, and smells amazing, but although my mum had hinted I may be getting a perfume I had no idea it would be this one because it is so new. I also love how it came with a little shower gel and body lotion too.

Beauty wise I got a couple of eyeshadow palettes, both of which are from my favourite brands and I am so excited to use! My mum got me the Naked Smoky because it has just been discontinued and I really wanted it before they stopped selling it, especially because it's so different to my other palettes. It actually sold out on Debenhams online a couple of days after she got it so I was really lucky with that. My auntie got me the MAC Rose Gold Snowball collection palette which is so stunning, especially the two dazzleshadow shades in it.

I seem to have a new record with the amount of toiletries received this year and I am not at all complaining! I got some Lush products from my mum, my nan and also my best friend who got me the Little Snow Fairy set - I can't wait to finally try out the Snow Fairy shower gel! You can certainly tell I like LUSH, and I definitely had to go out and buy even more in the sales... but I'm saving that for another post!

My mum also got me The Body Shop's Christmas Frosted Plum shower gel, which I asked for while we were shopping because I used it a couple of years ago and was really excited that they had brought that range back this year because it smells so good.

I also receieved some books - Tom Fletcher's latest novel and Harry Judd's book Get Fit Get Happy (I love McFly okay) both signed which I'm so excited about! I also can't wait to watch my Dunkirk DVD after loving it in the cinema a few months ago, and both The Sound Of Music and Monsters Inc on Blu-Ray, two old favourites that I only have on DVDs.

I also can't wait to listen to Taylor Swift's Reputation album which I receieved from my brother, and my parents got me a subscription to the History Revealed magazine because I'm really interested in history (so much that I want to study a degree in it eventually) so that will definitely come in handy. Something else, being a blogger, that will come in handy is the Bloggers Journal that my auntie got me from Paperchase - it has pages to plan all your posts and looks amazing!

I am so appreciative of everything I got this year! I also hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and would love to hear what you received in the comments - as I said at the beginning I am a huge fan reading what everyone else got too!


  1. Such lovely gifts. I hope you had a lovely Christmas!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Aw thank you, you too! Have a lovely new year! x

  2. Oh you got the loveliest things! I've heard so many good things about lush's snow fairy, I really want it and THAT RECORD PLAYER! Soo incredibly lovely! Hope you had a great Christmas and enjoy the New year.

    Beckie // The Pale Tails

    1. Ah thank you! So have I, and I can tell you now that everything they say is true, it smells gorgeous! I hope you have a lovely New Year! x

  3. Love LUSH! I'm the same, I got a mass of LUSH products this year and bought a load from the sales! Hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful new Year! Xx


  4. Your record player looks amazing, I've always loved them! And I love the packaging of the Gucci perfume, I need to smell it although I really don't need a new perfume so it might be for the best that I don't smell it because I'll become obsessed!!!
    Hope you had a fab Christmas and have a brill new year!
    Kate Xxx https://www.luxekate.com/

  5. You got so many lovely bits and pieces - I got a record player for my 18th birthday and its such a great thing! Nothing beats playing a vinyl, feels so special hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. No you did not get the naked pallet?! So jealous! Looks like you got some lovely bits! I can’t wait to get my bits up on the blog!