LUSH Christmas Wishlist

Sunday, December 03, 2017

When it comes to Christmas, LUSH are renowned for being the queens of Christmas ranges, with some of their best products only sold in the festive season. Now apart from a lip scrub, I have never actually tried any of Lush's products (bad blogger I know) so what's a better time to start than Christmas? I've rounded up a few items I would love to try this year.

Luxury Lush Pud -

This may be one of Lush's most expensive bath bombs but it is one I've wanted to try for years because of all the beautiful colours it produces! I feel like it is Lush Christmas classic and therefore had to be included in the list.

Candy Mountain -

I love the idea of a bubble bar for the fact you can reuse it a few times and it produces the lovliest bubbles. Candy Mountain in particular is one I'd love to try because it smells so nice and turns your bath the prettiest pink shade! What could be more perfect?

Snow Fairy Shower Gel -

The Snow Fairy shower gel is a bit too expensive for a shower gel for me to justify, however the amount of bloggers who rave about it year upon year suggests it may be worth it. It does smell really nice, I reckon quite similar to Candy Mountain and they are both pink too.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb -

This year they've released a jelly bomb in the snow fairy scent, which I think is perfect to match with the shower gel. I have no idea how a jelly bomb is different to a normal bath bomb but therefore maybe that adds to the intrigue? It also makes your bath pink too because it's part of the Snow Fairy range which again I just think is so pretty.

Magic Wand -

I feel like all the products I've chosen really follow a pink theme, but doesn't the magic wand look so pretty? I love how easy it is to reuse; I imagine you would get a lot of baths out of it so it would be worth the money and, yet again, you get a pink bubble bath out of it too!

Plum Snow -

Because of my love for bubble baths, the bubble bars are the products I want to try the most, so when I went searching for one that wasn't pink, I thought purple would work in this gorgeous one called plum snow. I imagine it's quite a lot like the comforter, a famous product Lush sell all year round, so again it would be great to try.

The Snowman -

Okay but how cute is the snowman? I wouldn't even want to use it because it is so cute and festive! They all look so Christmassy sat in the store together so I really want to pop in and pick one of these up soon just to get in the Christmas spirit.

What Lush products are you hoping to try this Christmas?


  1. This all looks so pretty! I love so many of the Lush products! I love the snow fairy I was given it as a gift and it is amazing! I really want to try the candy mountain it looks really pretty and smells so lovely!

    Molly |

    1. Doesn't it! I think it smells a lot like Snow Fairy as well so you will most likely love it x

  2. You are totally right when it comes to bath bombs and Christmas ranges Lush is right up there as champions! I just bought a couple of things from their Christmas range and I cant wait to have a bath now!

    Heather xox ||