Best (And Worst) Christmas Adverts 2017

Sunday, December 17, 2017

It seems that in the UK around this time of year there is such a buzz to see which brands are going to create the best Christmas advert. Although John Lewis have seemed to lead the way the past few years, have they been overtaken this year?

The Worst...

John Lewis - Moz The Monster

I was honestly really let down with John Lewis this year! I'm not saying it is an awful advert, but it doesn't live up to their standard by any means and I didn't think it was particularly festive enough, nor tear jerking like some previous ones. I also don't really think Elbow's song really suits their Christmas advert style - some covers of 'Somewhere Only We Know' and 'Half A World Away' used previously are ones I still listen to today.

Sainsbury's - Sing-A-Long

I find this one really cringe-worthy if I'm honest and I'm just not a fan! It's on TV often enough and I keep getting it as an advert on Spotify, so if it wasn't bad enough once I'm probably really sick of it by now.

The Best...

M&S - Paddington

M&S have really upped their game this year working with the creators of Paddington - of which I wish I had seen Paddington 2 because the first one was really good! The advert is admittedly adorable and so has to be one of my favourites.


Apple's Christmas advert is surprisingly one which I found really cute this year, with the couple dancing along a Christmas backdrop to a really lovely Sam Smith song - this is the type of song that Christmas adverts are about! I reckon this one will be quite an underrated one but it is actually really moving while having an amazing song, which ticks all the boxes!

Sky Cinema - The Sound Of Music

My absolute favourite Christmas advert this year! I think this is because I find it so relatable because of how much I love The Sound Of Music, and it's such a beautiful story of how the film means so much in her life. It's the one advert that made me feel a bit emotional too! It's a real shame I don't have sky cinema or anything because they managed to really impress me this year.

What's your favourite Christmas advert this year?


  1. I really liked the Apple advert too! I also really love the Aldi advert, good old Kevin the Carrot!

    Jaynie Shannon*


  2. I agree with you about the John Lewis advert, it totally let me down! Nowhere near as good as any of their previous ones, it didn't make me feel anything and I just thought what was the point in it haha!! I love the BBC One Christmas advert, it's so cute and emotional! x
    - Clare |

    1. I know, totally agree! Aw yes I love that one, so cute! x