5 Things You Didn't Know About Blogging

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It always seems in the media that those who don't have any experience with blogging think that all it consists of is spending hours on your phone, getting free products and taking pretty photos. They seem to imagine that it's a piece of cake to do but honestly, they couldn't be more wrong!

We Aren't Just Writing A Blog

Blogging is a hobby for me, but it's a lot more time consuming than most hobbies. It's not just writing a post and pressing publish, it involves constantly using social media to engage with readers and fellow bloggers and promote your posts.  Maintaining a blog requires a lot of effort than you may expect and it really is constant! That's why it is so easy to quickly get overwhelmed with schedules when life gets a little busy.

We Don't All Own Fancy Cameras

All of the photos I take for my blog are with an iPhone 6S, it has been the same way for almost two years, and before that it was my Samsung phone! I have never used a professional camera for blog photos (apart from concert shots) and there are many bloggers like this. You don't need the fanciest equipment to blog, all you need is interest and a little bit of creativity.

We Can Literally Blog About Anything

There are blogs covering absolutely any topic that interests you, and nobody's niche is less valid than another. If you're blogging about beauty, that's okay. If someone else is out there writing about political subjects, that's okay - and guess what, it's okay to do both! Bloggers nowadays can write about absolutely anything; that's what is so good about it - the community is so diverse and open to anything.

We Don't All Know The Fancy Vocabulary

I'm constantly having to google all the blogging jargon everyone talks about on Twitter. What's DA? Do I have a good DA? Who knows! Yes, it's good to be clued up on blogging but it isn't something you magically know, it takes time to learn the technical side of blogging too. That's right, it includes a technical side! Some bloggers may be a whizz at HTML and some may not have a clue! As long as it works for you, it shouldn't matter whether you know all the fancy terms.

We Don't Get Free Products Sent To Review All The Time

It's definitely a common myth that bloggers are constantly receiving free products, and for the majority this isn't true. It takes hard work to get to that point and it varies for everyone - there's no magical number of followers or stats that unlocks for you the best products. Blogging isn't all about receiving products or doing sponsored posts, in fact that's hardly a priority for a lot of bloggers! A true blogger writes for the fun of it, not for the freebies.

What do you think is a common misconception about bloggers?


  1. Love the honesty of this post. It's all about what works best for you isn't it?! I'm a little shocked when you said you use your IPhone 6S for your photos - I would have never guessed!
    Amber x

  2. Loved reading this post! You take photos with the Iphone 6S? Omg your photos are amazing!

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  3. I second the fancy cameras!

  4. So true . I totally agree with the camera...when I first started I did not have a fancy camera and it was fine. Sometimes I used my old iPhone 6 .


    1. Yes! It's defitely a common misconception about blogging, fancy cameras certainly aren't neccessary! x

  5. I think, from a personal perspective as a new blogger, that everyone things that it is easy but it’s really not x